For me, I am either on top of the latest fashion trend, or I'm not. There is no in between. So, I looked at 10 fashion trends that are being resurrected in the year 2019.

1. Leather jackets

I love a good leather jacket and I kind of want one. I hope to add this to my closet soon.

2. Overalls

I used to wear these all the time growing up, and I'm excited that this a fashion trend that is coming back.

3. Round sunglasses

I think these are so cute. I'm glad that they are coming back. We love a good round glasses moment.

4. Denim jackets

Just like the leather jacket, I want to get a denim jacket to add to my closet.

5. Chokers

This isn't my favorite fashion trend that is coming back, and I personally wouldn't wear them. But if you want to wear them, that's cool.

6. Highwaisted jeans

It depends on the style, but there are some high waisted jeans that I think that are cute. Make for a cute outfit.

7. Mini backpacks

Everyone had mini backpacks back in the day, and now, they are coming back stronger than ever. I have one myself, and I'm super grateful for it. It's nice to have.

8. Athleisure

I love athleisure because you look cute and comfortable at the same time, but it looks like you're going to the gym even if you're not.

9. Neon colors

I remember growing up, and neon colors were everywhere! I had a good amount of stuff that was neon growing up.

10. Bike shorts

Bike shorts are coming back, and they are not just for when you are riding a bike. For me, it's not my cup of tea, but if it's yours, that's great.

I'm a 90s kid, and I'm glad that some of the trends are coming back. There is a lot of nostalgia for sure on this list. I'm excited to add a few of these things into my closet. I can't wait to see what other things from my childhood, and even before, will come back next.