A Farewell Letter To My Local Kmart

A Farewell Letter To My Local Kmart

Goodbye to my favorite department store...

In plain sight but hardly acknowledged, Kmart became a cave of hidden gems. Nabbing a deal at Kmart felt like finding change in between the couch cushions. You would not think to look there, but when you do the discovery gives you a pleasant jackpot.

If it was not already clear, I love Kmart for that reason. Whenever I wear something and people ask me where I got it, I live for their reaction when I tell them Kmart. Really? Yes, really. Kmart carries (well, carried) Nicki Minaj's clothing collection as well as Adam Levine and Selena Gomez at one point when she was still trying to break out as a musical artist. They also played an absolutely bangin' playlist jammed with 70s and 80s music, from Chaka Khan to Styx to Diana Ross to Madonna to Lionel Richie. All Night Long I would spend in Kmart, indeed. I even made a Spotify playlist inspired by Kmart's song lineup. Kmart actually has an interesting history with music and arguably contributed significantly to the creation of a new music genre known as vaporwave.

What was most thrilling about Kmart were their popularly known Blue Light Specials. Throughout the store, blue mobile lights hung on clothing racks or stood as pillars. Whenever a sale for a certain product or brand went live, the designated light for the sale items would go off, making everybody dash toward the blue siren. These sales happened at random, and when you saw a worker walking over to turn on a blue light, you knew something was about to go down. It felt like something out of the game Mall Madness, perfect for the ultimate consumerist thrill seeker.

I actually did not hear about my local Kmart closing myself. I received a text from my mom saying "Our Kmart is closing! *sad emoji* *shocked emoji* *emoji with a little ghost coming out of its mouth*." I could hardly believe it. I verified this news through the internet, and lo and behold, an article from my local news station revealed the sad, sad truth to me.

Such an attachment to a department store sounds shallow at best and pathetic at worst, but Kmart brings back a strong sense of nostalgia for me. Kmart reminds me of a five-year-old self tagging along with my mom on her errands, nestling in the children's clothing racks decorated with footie pajamas. In the summer, I always looked forward to (and still do, to be honest) the $1 six packs of Kool-Aid Bursts juice, those plastic bottles with the twist off tops. The drink tasted like the Popsicle juice of a lanky Fla-vor-ice Freezer Bar, and you cannot get more summer than that. Unfortunately, I could not find any six back of Kool-Aid whenever I went to Kmart this past summer.

So goodbye, local Kmart. I am sorry millennials are killing department stores, but know that I did, do, and will always appreciate your amazing deals and underrated clothing lines. Until next time.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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5 Things You Should Know Before Using Poshmark

Here is my Poshmark experience from hell, and how we can all learn from it.


Have you ever thought of buying or selling things on Poshmark? You may want to reconsider.

Maybe you are wanting to buy a designer bag for cheap, or sell some old clothes for a little extra cash. Whatever the reason, this app has serious issues that many people are unaware of.

Macklemore - Thrift Shop Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz) by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, The Heist (2012)

1. Poshmark Takes Forever To Respond To Customer Service Issues, If At All.

Chances are high that if you are experiencing problems with Poshmark, everyone else is too.

Every time I tried contacting their customer service, I only received automated replies and no solutions. For a company that has made millions of dollars in sales commissions, you would think they would hire more customer service agents to help their users.

Go ahead and try emailing them, tweeting at them, or reaching them on Facebook. They will still give you a robotic response without actually fixing the problem.

Dog Gif on Imgur An inside look at Poshmark's customer service center.

2. Poshmark Takes Strict To The Extreme and In All Of The Wrong Ways.

When selling on Poshmark, one of my buyers asked me if I could sell her a sweater at a discount on Mercari. Mercari is an app that works the same way as Poshmark, except it takes a lower commission fee out of seller's earnings at 10% instead of Poshmark's 20%. After seeing that Mercari is noticeably better for sellers, I agreed to sell my sweater on there for free shipping.

Within two days, my account was permanently restricted. I was banned from creating listings or selling anything else on the app. I had numerous pending sales, and my buyers were concerned they would not receive their items. Poshmark is literally so money hungry, they had to ban my account for using their competition. I'm sure you can guess what happened when I emailed customer service... Nothing.

To add insult to injury, they also restricted all other accounts that were linked to my original one. Poshmark has a strict "one account per person" policy, which makes them big Nazi's about chain banning and deleting people. It doesn't even matter how much money you have made them or potentially will make them.

Dolores Umbridge From Harry Potter I think Dolores Umbridge secretly runs Poshmark. Imelda Staunton in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)

3. Scamming Is Rampant On Poshmark.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, there are many ways people can get scammed on Poshmark.

First of all, there is no rating system in place to separate legitimate users from scammers. On Mercari for example, buyers are able to rate sellers, and sellers are able to rate buyers out of five stars. On Poshmark, there is barely any user protection measures put in place at all.

Poshmark has a policy that items cannot be returned if they don't fit, but can be returned if the item was not as described. As a loophole, some buyers will purposely damage the item if it doesn't fit just so it can be refunded. It leaves the seller with no earnings, a damaged item, and a bad reputation. The worst part is that you can't even give them a bad rating, and Poshmark always sides with buyers over sellers.

If you are a buyer looking for authentic designer items, steer clear of Poshmark. Many sellers try to trick you into buying replica pieces for the full amount, so beware. Also realize that many Poshmark sellers aren't the most reliable, and may take a long time to actually ship out items. They might not even be active, so be sure to check the reviews left on their closet before buying from them.

4. Poshmark Is Full Of Creepers.

My weirdest Poshmark experience was also my first Poshmark experience. I sold a pair of pants to a buyer under the name of "Karen." It seemed pretty normal at first until I saw the name listed on Karen's shipping address was "Joseph." Luckily, I read an article on Business Insider by Hayley Peterson beforehand, which warned about creepy men trying to get the addresses of unsuspecting women on Poshmark for potentially sinister reasons.

I looked into Karen's previous purchases and saw she bought a lot of used lingerie! Not even kidding, I was horrified. I immediately changed the information on my return label to a male name with a different address from my own.

Hannibal Lector bought my jeans. Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

5. Poshmark is Outdated.

Poshmark is so outdated, they didn't even have a working website up until 2017. It's full of glitches, just like the app version. The FAQ isn't helpful most of the time, and there is no appeal system in place for people like me, who would like to reinstate their accounts.

Never Say No To Panda 2010 Egyptian commercial for Panda cheese by A. Dairy.

After everything I have been through, I don't see myself using Poshmark anymore. There are better alternatives out there, including Mercari, threadUP, Swap, Wish, Letgo, and more.

I encourage everyone reading this to please share it with your friends. Inform everyone about the dangers and issues associated with using Poshmark.

Cover Image Credit:


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