A Farewell to Dobbs

A Farewell to Dobbs

We all have that special place in our heart for the ol' Dobbs dinning hall. With plans to tear it down, along with Jones residence hall, we remember the good times we all shared. 

For the freshmen living in the dorms, Dobbs is your best friend. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is always there for you, whether you like it or not. You knew the meal schedule like the back of your hand and knew which days were the best (especially Thanksgiving dinner). You will never forget waiting in line outside, even in the winter, just for those magical doors to let you in.

For people living in Jones, Lathrop or Laws, Dobbs was a second home for you. It was a place where you could come in wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, or even wearing your clothes from the night before, and it never judged. But if you dressed up for Dobbs, people might look at you a little funny.

For the upperclassmen, you loved texting all the freshman asking them to swipe you in. As you get older, Dobbs is still a second home. You still go for spicy chicken sandwiches and wok Wednesdays, because why not. Also, you can never go wrong with the buffalo chicken sandwiches or the pasta bar, which was always reliable.

It is a place that always has your back. Whether it’s the times you waited outside in the freezing cold for the clock to strike 11 a.m., or when the Dobbs worker comes to open the doors, it was like Christmas morning. Even when you waited in the wok line for over an hour, everyone knew it was worth it.

Dobbs brunch is the best meal. On Saturdays and Sundays at 11 a.m., they open up their doors, not only food but also for an experience. People come 30 minutes before the doors even open just to be the first in line for pancakes or an omelet. You can sit there for hours procrastinating studying by just gossiping about the weekend and listening to all the drama, but you love it.

Swipes have become our best friends and even though it is changing, it won’t change the memories we all shared sitting at those tables eating our t-ravs and finishing them off with an ice cream sundae.  Although the food wasn’t always reliable -- throwback to the broccoli spider eggs incident last year -- it wasn’t just about the food, it was all about the experiences you shared at the one and only Dobbs Pavilion. 

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You Are Brilliant, You Are Strong And It's Just A Bad Day

Sometimes all you need is to hear the correct words. We all have those days were the world seems to be against us, its just a bad day.

Sometimes when life brings you down just know that there is always someone who feels the same way that you do. There is someone who is probably going through the same thing. A break-up, a rough day, a death in a family, maybe you didn't get that grade you wanted in organic chemistry, any event that will probably cause some stress or anxiety, chances are there is someone who you know who is going through the same thing.

If you are feeling alone, feeling as if you cannot talk to anyone, someone you know is going through the same thing. If you feel like you are on the very edge, like maybe you just can't do it anymore, someone you know is going through the same. You are NEVER alone. If you feel like you are alone, you always have one person who is still willing to listen to you no matter what.

Something that helps me remember that my problems are not always as terrible as I put them out to be, is the fact that someone in the world or someone I know probably has it 10 times worst that I do.

In this day and age, it is very easy for us to forget how well most of us have it. Majority of the people that I am surrounded by just have to worry about going to school and getting the highest achievement possible. I understand that when you get that lousy grade that you didn't want or when you are going through a tough break up it may seem like the end of the world. We all have had the moment when we remember a time where we were stressed out or just in a situation that made us uncomfortable. Then we realized that we exaggerated and that indeed the problem we had was not as enormous as we made it seem.

Remember, you will always be able to move on. No matter what, you will still be capable of moving forward. There will always be a tomorrow and a day after that. You are much stronger than you think - you probably have been through worst scenarios.

You are brilliant; you are beautiful, you are extraordinary, you are a walking work of art. When you feel like there is nothing else to do just breath and keep moving forward. When you get knocked down just pick yourself up and keep moving forward because that is all you have to do. Most of the problems we think we have are not actually problems at all. When we think about it, there are more significant problems in the world to focus our attention on.

I do understand that some individuals are the exception to what I am proposing, but a majority of the population just to have to breathe and think of the bigger picture and try to keep moving forward. Most of the issues that we believe we encounter are just a small bump on the road. All we have to do is keep moving forward.

Cover Image Credit: Fabrizio Verrecchia

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10 Pictures Of My Dog That Perfectly Describe The First Day Of Class

Yes, my dog truly embodies my feelings on the first day of class.

After only a week into the second semester, I'm already a little worn out. The rush of being back at school is almost too much to handle, then you get smacked right back into reality after you pay $200 for a textbook and your fingers basically fall off from the frigid temperatures. Yep, class is back in session, and it's time to work through these next few months of sleepless nights and crippling stress. Despite my worries, I know someone will always make me smile: my dog. Allie, my 8-year-old miniature schnauzer, truly embodies some of my feelings towards this semester.

1. When you arrive back at school and are extremely happy to see your friends

Whether I'm gone for two weeks or two hours, I know my dog will be excited to see me. Her excitement is almost exactly how I feel when I see my friends pull into the school parking lot.

2. When you realize you have to put away everything extra you brought back..

Somehow, you always bring back even more clothes, food and random items than what you brought home. My dog's expression when we tell her to do something is incredibly sad but adorable. Me too, Allie.

3. When you try to wake up for your 8 a.m. on the first day

A full schedule of early morning classes? Yep. My dog likes to cover her eyes and push away the world when she doesn't want to get up, so why can't I do it, too?

4. When it's two degrees outside on your walk to class

The winter weather is not so forgiving, and I think my first walk to class was more negative than positive. Allie is extremely small with little-to-no hair, so she absolutely hates the winter and snow. My dog and I have more in common than I thought.

5. When you let a yawn slip in front of the professor

Okay, you have to give me a break on this one. How can you expect me to wake up so early when I have homework to do before the first class? My dog is never one to shy away from a huge yawn.

6. When you realize how much work you already have to do

Syllabus week? More like syllabus half-the-class-period. It seems like the farther I get into my college career, the more homework I have to do even before the class begins.

7. When you have to buy $300 worth of textbooks

The bookstore will completely play you when it comes to purchasing textbooks. Do you need the book? Too bad. You can either pay the bookstore price or search through old copies online. I guess Allie and I will have to wait for my books to come in the mail.

8. When you proudly shout the wrong answer in front of a class of strangers then shrug it off

Yes, my dog may look a little crazy, but her expression truly embodies how I feel on the first day. You want to make a good impression, but you don't want to embarrass yourself to the world's end. The. Struggle.

9. When you miss your family and think of your time at home

My dog misses me when I'm gone (I hope). She gives me puppy-dog eyes with a few whines and cries to make me feel extremely bad about nothing. I think it's time to FaceTime my dog...again.

9. When you just want to hang out with your friends, but they're too tired to do anything....

You're so excited to see everyone, but your friends are tired and exhausted from car rides and plane flights. Maybe tomorrow we can hang out? Dogs always want to play, especially when you just want to relax.

10. but then you're too tired, so you take a nap.

After a long day, you realize all you need is a bed and some shut-eye. Sweet (puppy) dreams!

Cover Image Credit: Brittany Bluthardt

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