There are many genres for both literature and cinema. Some of the most common genres that both literature and cinema share are mystery and romance. In my opinion, the genre that I enjoy the most is fantasy. Here are three reasons why fantasy is my favorite genre:

1. It shows that you're creative

Imagination is one of the greatest delights of human nature. Imagination is the most important foundation to the genre of fantasy. I realize that most of the films and books that I have watched and love are all under the category of fantasy. After going into a world of fantasy, one will feel astonished on how the mind is able to create this magnificent world. It helps show an individual that one is possible to imagine a different and unique world from reality. Fantasy is also a genre of inspiration for artists, filmmakers, authors and etc.

2. The genre is open minded

Fantasy also allows our mind to become more open and aware of one's own self especially in their thoughts and reality. Fantasy also brings us to adventures through literature and cinema. Most of these adventures that the fantasy genre give are the most unpredictable and unforgettable ones. Therefore, the lessons learned tend to be engraved deeply and last longer in one's mind from the adventure.

3. There are cool representations of fairytales, folklore, and myth

The main reason that I enjoy seeing or reading things that are fantasy genre related are the characters and creatures. Most of the time, the creatures are the most extraordinary beings to look at. Most importantly, the creatures are somewhat connected to the main character which makes it even more interesting to keep reading or watching. It is also nice to see what fairy tales, folklores and myths are being part of the fantasy genre story. Most of the times, I have seen and read creatures in fantasy genre stories and films are mermaids, sirens, elves, fairies, phoenixes, and etc. Yet, all these creatures seem to have this special connection to the main character which I enjoy discovering through the fantasy genre stories. At the same time, I like how the characters encounter these creatures as part of their coming-of-age transition. Fantasy indeed gives out a magic touch to the story.

Is Fantasy also your favorite genre for reading literature and watching films?