TV shows are full of amazing women who you should watch out for. Whether you like sword-wielding/gun-toting ladies, techno geeks, super-powered females, or intelligent women, you can't deny these lovely ladies are truly fantastic. SPOILER ALERT!

1. Felicity Smoak

The heart of CW's Arrow, Felicity is a genius when it comes to computers. She is known by everyone as the greatest hacker in the world. She also keeps the groups of vigilantes honest and makes sure they all feel loved, even when they feel like they don't deserve it.

2. Buffy Summers

The title character in the TV classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy is the leader of the 'scooby gang.' They are a mix of humans, witches, vampires, and ex-demons who make it their business to keep the forces of evil at bay. Without Buffy (her leadership, friendship, and butt-kicking skills included) the gang would be at a loss.

3. Lexa (The 100)

Lexa is the commander of the 12 clans, which she united to fight Mount Weather. In this post-apocalyptic world Lexa is shown as an impressive leader who understands the word sacrifice. She is faced with impossible choices, which she handles to the best of her ability. When asked to choose between her love and her people she will choose her people. This just shows how much of a true leader Lexa is. The writers of the show really made a mistake killing off her character and the fan outrage proves that. #LexaDeservedBetter

4. Peggy Carter

Agent Carter proves that Peggy was not just Captain America's love interest. Peggy Cater is so much more than a leading lady, and the way she solves crimes that all her fellow agents fail to even come close to figuring out proves it.

5. Regina Mills

Ex-Evil Queen and mayor of Storybrooke, Regina Mills's story arc is one for the books. She has overcome so much pain, torment, and guilt in her life that it is amazing that she can do anything. An amazing mother, reformed witch, and an awesome cook, Regina Mills can do it all.

6. Xena

Who could forget the warrior princess herself. Xena, and her equally amazing soul-mate Gabrielle, took on gods, goddesses, giants, warlords, even Julius Caesar. This classic show is definitely worth the time just to see Xena kick everyone from Greek mythology's (and even a few others) butts.

7. Jessica Jones

This super strong private investigator is not to be messed with. Jessica is a former superhero who suffers from PTSD. She is protective of her friends and has a hilarious sense of dry humor. This show is on the darker side dealing with things like rape and assault, so be warned if you are sensitive to those kinds of topics.

8. Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest)

Sameen Shaw is a no-nonsense part of the team of people who help save the people the U.S. government deemed irrelevant. She is deadly with a gun and someone you do not want as an enemy. She has an axis II personality disorder and, in the show, describes herself as a sociopath.

9. Alex Danvers

The foster sister to Supergirl and D.E.O. agent, this women proves that you don't need superpowers to be a hero. She is protective of her sister and has shown that she is loyal to those she cares about.

10. Meredith Grey

The head of general surgery on the hit show Grey's Anatomy, Meredith is a bad-ass in and out of the operating room. In addition to being an amazing surgeon, she is a widowed mother of three beautiful children, a reluctant but caring sister, and a true friend to those who take the time to kick down her walls.