Pokemon: The Adventures of Tipu Tumbao
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Pokemon: The Adventures of Tipu Tumbao

My Fictional Tale of an Extraordinary Child

Pokemon: The Adventures of Tipu Tumbao
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Series Background:

The story follows Tipu Tumbao, the son of Taliah and Tristan Tumbao. Tipu is a peculiar kid that has always stood out from the others. No matter how hard Tipu tried to stick in the crowd, he always became the center of attention. You see, Tipu's parents are kind of famous. Tipu's father, Tristan is an A-List Actor in the Pokémon world, and Tipu's mother was the youngest Hoenn Region Pokémon League Champion in history, winning the title first when she was only eight years old. She held the title for 9 consecutive years. After leaving battling to pursue a successful singer career, Taliah met Tristan during a celebrity fundraising event for Pokémon habitat restoration.

Photo of Tipu, Taliah, and Tristan Tumbao in front of the entrance to their Pokémon PreserveArtwork by @Thenzeho.jpg

Before Tipu was born, his parents, having a great love for Pokémon and Environmentalism, purchased the Hoenn Safari Zone and converted into a Pokemon Nature Reserve and Pokémon rescue center. When Tipu was five, his world would expand in ways he would have never imagined. After sneaking out of the house, and exploring a cave, he meets a Pokémon duo that changes his life. A month later, comes back into the cave to try and find this mystery Pokémon duo again, but instead gets lost, again, in the cave. However, this time, he meets two Pokémon that become his lifelong friends, a young Riolu and young Abra. It turns out that these three share the same birthday, being born 3:33 am, on March 3rd, 3333.
These three instantly become inseparable, forming a bond that shocks the world. While these three are asleep, Abra uses its psychic powers to link their consciousness together, allowing them all to verbally communicate with each other while they dream. Here is where they go on adventures (My little twist to the Mystery Dungeon series) , share the latest Pokémon and human gossips (even in the Pokémon world there is tea), and form deeper bonds with each other. Their psychic connection is so strong, that these three are able to communicate via telepathy to one another. Tipu, with the help of his PokePals, is able to communicate complex communications between humans and Pokemon. This unique connection that these three-share help to open the world up to realization that Pokémon and humans are not that different from each other.

Thanks to Tipu, and his unique partnerships and gifts, the Reserve offers an event where Pokémon who want to fight in battles can seek out trainers, like in the traditional Safari Zone setting. People pay a small fee to enter, where all proceeds go back into helping the Pokémon at the Preserve. Pokemon from all over the world inhabit this famous Preserve. Having many rare Pokemon. Due to the wide genetic variety of Pokémon at the Reserve, it drastically increased the Pokémon species diversity in the Hoenn Region. This was met with criticism from Conservative groups who claim that the increased Biodiversity is ruining the Hoenn culture, traditions, and landscape. These stories chronicle the live of Tipu Tumbao and his various endeavors.

Chapter One: Help, I'm Lost!

Tipu Tumbao was always an adventurous and curious about life. Growing up, Tipu always loved playing in the nature Preserve with the Pokémon. At night, Tipu loved to sneak out and play with the Pokémon. One night, Tipu woke up energized and snuck out the house to play. The Preserve was known to be dangerous at night. The Pokémon would live there could be easily startled and could attack anyone who they deemed a threat. Tipu's parents constantly warned him about going into the Preserve at night. Tipu, being the rebellious adventurer that he is, went anyways. Tipu, running outside, as Hoot-Hoots hooted at him, was having the time of his life. Tipu loved being in the nature, he felt free and at peace. There was something about nature that made Tipu feel connected to the world around him. This night, Tipu was playing outside, dancing in the moonlight with the young Illumise, Volbeat, and Glowfly. Then, he noticed this bright pink Pokémon wander around the Preserve. To Tipu, this Pokemon was majestic. It had yellow moon shaped crescents on its head with three pink scale like rings. Tipu had never seen anything like it before. So intrigued, Tipu ran after it, trying to catch up to it, to introduce himself to this new Pokémon. However, the Pokemon that caught Tipu's eyes was so focused on its mission that it didn't seem to notice Tipu.

As Tipu almost caught up to this Pokemon, it went inside of the cave in the Preserve. Tipu's parents warned him not to go there, but so excited to meet this new Pokemon, Tipu forgot and went into the cave. Tipu went deeper in the cave, the lights started to fade, as he followed the Pokemon off of the paved cave path. Tipu, using his phone light as a flashlight, looked for the mystery Pokemon he was chasing afterwards. However, it was nowhere to be found. After failing to find the mystery Pokémon, Tipu decided to go back home. However, as soon as he decided to go back, his flashlights battery died. Tipu was now in the pitch black cave all alone. However, Tipu didn't panic. He was used to getting himself into sticky situations, and miraculously getting himself out of them. Tipu tried to go back in the direction in which he came, but he couldn't see and got even more lost.

After Tipu realized that wasn't working, he searched for the nearest cave wall and placed his hand on the wall, trying to navigate himself out of the dark by following the wall. After over an hour of doing that, Tipu was still not even close to being out of the cave. Now, Tipu began to worry. He began to cry for his parents and someone to help him. Usually, Tipu wouldn't be scared of the noises in the dark cave that the Pokemon made, but as he was already scared, the noises seemed even more freighting than usual. Tipu cried for what he seemed like forever. He eventually cried himself to sleep in the cold, dark cave, all alone.

As Tipu slept, he was haunted by nightmares. He kept seeing this dark shadowy Pokémon that he had never seen before. It kept getting closer and closer to Tipu. Tipu began to cry in his dreams, scared for his life. This dark, shadow Pokemon was almost about to touch Tipu, but as it reached out to Tipu, the pink light Pokémon came in between it and Tipu. The mystery pink Pokemon shined a light so bright that it drove the Shadow Pokemon away.

Tipu looked up amazed, and said, "Thank you, so much." The Pokemon responded, "No problem. My name is Cresselia. Sorry about that That was my partner, Darkrai! She didn't mean any harm. She's attracted to nightmares, and whenever people or Pokémon see him in dreams, they get even more scared. She was coming to check on you, but I told her that I should handle it. Of course, she didn't listen to me." Tipu looked puzzled, jumbling his words appalled he said, "You can speak! How is that possible? You are a Pokemon! Is it because I'm dreaming?" Cresselia. responded, "Well, Yes and No." Tipu looked even more confused than before.Cresselia went on, "You can hear me speak because you are dreaming. However, let me show you a secret! Wake Up." Cresselia then produced this mystical sound that instantly woke Tipu up from his dream.

Tipu opened his eyes, and there he was, standing in front of Cresscilia and Darkrai. Tipu, seeing Darkrai, jumped back out of fear, but then remembered what Cresselia told him. Cresselia, after giving a slight giggle at Tipu, went on to explain, "People and Pokémon can communicate. However, people, and Pokémon too, often choose not to. They don't speak the same language, but they have the same essence, consciousness. Usually, people and Pokemon can only see their differences, but not what makes them the same. Each have their own verbal languages, but there is one language that we all can speak and that is feeling." Tipu taking all in that Cresselia was telling him, shaking his head in understanding, and then asked, "Cresselia, what do you mean by 'feeling?'" Cresselia explained, "That gut feeling that says nothing but tells you everything that you need to know. It's kind of like that 'flight' or 'fight' feeling. Many people and Pokémon often confuse those two, and don't know when to do either properly. Humans and Pokémon can communicate that way, but they both have to be willing to listen. We are all connected through that feeling."

Cresselia, continuing her monologue, "Even when you can't find the right words to say it's okay because, no word has to be said. Those feelings are already understood." Tipu replied, "So, it's kind of like whenever I see my parents, and something is wrong. Even though they don't tell me anything, I can know when something is up." Cresselia, proud of Tipu's understanding replies, "Exactly, that is called a 'bond.' We all can form them. It's a connection that all living things share. However, the only way it can be understood is if everyone is open to that connection. It's like talking on your phone. If you call your friend, they have to answer the phone, or y'all won't be able to speak. People, or Pokémon, have to be willing to answer the connection from each other."

Tipu was so excited that he forgot how tired he was. It wasn't until he let out a big yawn that Cresselia told him, "Tipu, I think it's time for you to head back home. Hop on my back and I can take you back home." Tipu, with the assistance from Darkrai, mounted Cresselia and was guided back home. As Tipu was exiting Cresselia, Tipu asked, "Cresselia, will I ever see you again?" Cresselia responded, "Of course, Tipu! If you ever have a nightmare, just call my name three times and I'll be there to show you the light." The three said farewell to each other and went their separate ways. Tipu, tired from his adventure, went sound asleep, dreaming of the next time he might see his new friends.

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