The 18 Types Of Pokémon Personalities
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The 18 Types Of Pokémon Personalities

Pokémon applies to real life more than you would think.

The 18 Types Of Pokémon Personalities
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Pokémon continues to be one of the most popular franchises for people all over the world. Everyone can relate to the journey of a kid who teams up with unique friends in order to prove their worth. As more information on the newest addition of the franchise, "Pokémon Sun and Moon," comes out before its November release, we as Pokémon fans can continue to get excited about the new creatures that await us.

For those who have never played Pokémon, each individual monster is classified into one of 18 "types" that influence their personality and move set. In honor of the 20th anniversary this year and the upcoming release of "Sun and Moon," here are the Pokémon types as various personalities. Which one are you?

1. Water

These people are the go-with-the-flow types. They are very flexible in their time management and have a carefree personality, one that will be open to whatever activity comes their way. They, like water, go wherever the tide takes them.

2. Fire

These people are very passionate in what they think/do. They stay dedicated and get the job done. They are go-getters, and will keep chugging throughout the day. They, like fire, will keep trying to spark until their energy eventually runs out.

3. Grass

These people are very introverted in their thinking and usually like to be with themselves. They are very in touch with their environment and rely on their surroundings in life. They are dependable in one-on-one relationships. They, like grass, remain grounded and can always bloom when the time is right.

4. Electric

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These people are very extroverted and give off a lot of energy. They are spontaneous and outgoing. They usually are the center of the attention in any social gathering. They love being their own mascot. They, like electricity, can light up the room, as long as there is an outlet for them.

5. Ice

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These people are very difficult to befriend at first, as they are rough around the edges. They usually continue to build a wall of seclusion and run away from problems. They, like ice, can freeze up in situations, but if you warm up to them they might just melt.

6. Rock

These people are very strong minded/willed. They often are very independent and believe they can bulldoze through life without a care in the world. They, like rocks, are hard to break into unless you have the right tools to start a conversation going.

7. Poison

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These people continue to hurt others when they don't mean to. There is a gray cloud among them that can harm those around them. They, like poison, can be very toxic in relationships, and need an antidote, or a cure, to remove their negativity.

8. Bug

These people are the underdogs coming into life. They are continuously underestimated and not thought of as big threats in any given situation. They, like bugs, are usually stepped on in life, but if they can gain the courage to evolve into something greater, there is hope for their existence.

9. Normal

These people are followers, and change their personality to fit into a crowd. They avoid being different like the plague and feel like they are above such silliness. They, like normalcy, are untrue in their beliefs and hide their own idiosyncrasies from others in fear of backlash.

10. Fighting

These people love to debate whenever possible. They love competition, as it challenges them like no other. When angry, they could lash out in aggression. However, they, like fighters, have a routine in the gym that keeps them centered and at ease with life when they need peace.

11. Flying

These people are dreamers and love to shoot for the sky. They do not like staying in one place for too long. They wish to pursue their dream in various locations. They, like birds, value traveling as an experience that becomes natural to them.

12. Psychic

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These people foretell the future and usually have a good judge of character. They seem to be super smart and rely on their brain to get them far in life. They are also very spiritual, and can use auras to make decisions. They, like psychics, seek to figure other people out, as it gives them insight into how people react.

13. Dragon

These people are over-achievers and think they can do everything. People often overestimate them and their skills, and if they get let down, it can really affect their ego. They, like dragons, are fast and powerful, but also can give off too much steam, hurting others in the process.

14. Ground

These people are very traditional in their values and have a hard time with change. They are often stubborn and like to stick to what they know. This can impact their learning, as they might not be the most open minded. They, like ground, are hard to the core, but are always there when you fall.

15. Steel

These people are very direct and goal-oriented. Their directness can come off putting at times when others around. They, like steel, have shining moments, and can really help construct their own lives when their goals line up as such.

16. Ghost

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These people love to keep people on their toes. They are the pranksters and love to torture other people when the time permits. You never know what is going on. They, like ghosts, love lurking in the shadows, impacting others from a distance.

17. Dark

These people are hidden until they really know someone. They'll keep up a quiet front, and only reveal their past when the time allows. They, like darkness, like to avoid light, and wear black whenever possible.

18. Fairy

These people are the new people in the crowd. They're optimistic and very colorful. They, like fairies, are cheery and preppy, and will inevitably have their wings pulled when they eventually start the unnerving part of reality.

The important note about these types is that though some people embody only one type, others present a combination. No matter what type or types you fall into, you are your own person, and should embrace the personality traits that best fit you. That's the beauty of life and the beauty of Pokémon as well.

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