Famous People Who Attended The University Of Arizona
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Many, many students have attended the University of Arizona over the years, and some have even become famous. With a university this big, the alumni list is obviously huge, and within that huge list, several famous people can be found. Some of which, believe it or not, are not even professional athletes. Of course, many famous athletes attended the UA for their respective sports, but the list of famous UA alumni actually goes deeper than that.

Tucson may not exactly be a celebrity hot spot, but the city is home to a great university, and as a result, several celebrities have still come here to attend college. Of course, they probably were not famous at the time. Here are five famous people that you may or may not know attended the University of Arizona at one point or another. Not all of them graduated, but they were all enrolled at the UA at some point.

1. David Foster Wallace


Acclaimed author David Foster Wallace received his Master of Fine Arts degree here at the UA in 1987. The mastermind behind such books as "Infinite Jest" and "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men," Wallace was one of the most talented writers of his generation. Tragically, he committed suicide in 2008, but his brilliant books are still widely read and discussed today, and he remains among the most accomplished of UA alumni.

2. Kristen Wiig


One of the most talented and widely recognized people working in comedy today, Kristen Wiig also attended the UA. However, she did not major in acting, and instead studied art during her time at this school. She did take at least one acting class though, and I guess the rest is history. So, people around the world can thank the UA for helping Kristen Wiig discover her interest in acting, leading to movies like "Bridesmaids" and some of the best Saturday Night Live sketches of all time.

3. Greg Kinnear


Actor Greg Kinnear also attended the UA, graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism. I guess that he decided somewhere along the way that he actually wanted to be an actor, though. Kinnear has starred in movies like "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Baby Mama," providing another example of a UA alum who definitely made it big.

4. Jerry Bruckheimer


The list of UA alumni also includes film and television producer Jerry Bruckheimer, responsible for producing films such as the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series and "National Treasure," as well as television shows like "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." Most Hollywood producers aren't necessarily recognizable by name, but any fans of action movies have probably heard of Bruckheimer.

5. Kourtney Kardashian


As unbelievable as it may seem, an actual Kardashian once attended school on the UA campus. She graduated with a degree in theatre arts, and then, of course, became an incredibly famous reality TV star. I'm not quite sure why or how she ended up at the UA, but for some reason, she did.

These are some of the most notable of UA's long list of alumni. And you know what, the list doesn't even end here. There are actually even more than five notable alumni of the University of Arizona. It sounds crazy, I know, but it's true. Good for you, UA. If you're a current University of Arizona student and you work really hard while also somehow getting incredibly lucky, then maybe, just maybe, you will one day find yourself on a list such as this.

It could happen. It really could. It probably won't, but you never know.

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