If there is one thing I love, it is a good looking man. And if you look to Hollywood, you will find quite a few of them. And while there are plenty that are my own age, I love looking at photos of current older actors when they were younger. Here are some photos of actors when they were young to feast your eyes on.

1. Tom Selleck

I'd offer to be his personal body pillow.

2. Clint Eastwood

That hair! Those arms! That smolder!

3. Colin Firth

This Christmas, I'd like a young Colin under my tree with a bright red bow on his naked chest.

4. Marlon Brando

Let me be on the other side of that glare.

5. Richard Gere

Look at that boyish charm.

6. Jeff Bridges

Oh, honey, you can bite on my pencil any time.

7. Paul Newman

Oh, baby, hot and all his proceeds go to charity.

8. Robert Redford

Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?

9. Harrison Ford

Nothing works better than a hot guy will some snazzy bookish glasses.

10. Warren Beatty

Goodness, what would I have to do to get those biceps around me?

11. John Slattery

Check out those curls.

12. Robert de Niro

Ready to be his partner in crime.

13. Steve Martin

Ohhh baby, serenade me with your sweet banjo.

14. Sean Bean

Those white boxers would sure look nice on my bedroom floor.

15. Dennis Hopper

I could gaze into those eyes all night.

16. Peter O'Toole

There's nothing I love more than a rugged man...

17. Sean Connery

...except maybe a tall, dark and handsome one.

18. Charlton Heston

I just want to smooth those stress lines away with my fingers.

19. James Earl Jones

Can I get a hell yeah for those stormy eyes?

20. Ozzy Osbourne

He may be screaming on stage, but I'll make him scream backstage any day.