Family vacations can be very overwhelming. Not just for your parents, who most likely planned the entire cross-country road trip, but for the kids in toe, too. I mean, after a couple days, the charm of hanging out with your family 24/7 and staying in the same hotel room and the cramped car for those long drives, can sometimes wear off. So here are twenty things you should bring on vacation.

1. Car activities

Odds are, it's going to be a long car ride, so you are going to need some things to keep yourself entertained. It could be a book, a road trip scavenger hunt, the license plate game, a hand-held electronic device, magazines, your phone, toys, etc. Car rides can be boring, so be prepared.

2. Headphones

This item is one of the most important things to bring. You can play your own music in the car, use them to make phone/FaceTime calls, listen to music at night, watch Netflix and keep up with your shows, listen to audiobooks, anything. Plus, they can tune out your siblings arguing or any family member singing.

3. Comfortable shows

Whether there's going to be a lot of walking or not, it's always a good idea to pack a pair of comfy tennis shoes. That way at the end of the day, your feet won't hurt, and you'll be ready for the next day's adventure.

4. Practical clothes

This goes along with the shoes, you want to focus on what you're seeing on your vacation, there's no need to be constantly pulling your shorts down because they're too short or pulling down your crop top because you feel self-conscious. It's a vacation, you're never going to see these people again, so go ahead and wear old T-shirts and baggy shorts. Who cares?

5. Car snacks

Make sure you pack enough car snacks to make it to your destination and back home. When you're bored in the car, you're gonna want to eat junk food. You're on vacation, you can go to the gym when you get back home.

6. Maps

No matter how reliable your parent claims the GPS is, always bring a map or printed directions. It's always good to have a backup plan. Especially in uncharted territory.

7. Alcohol

Your parents put a ton of time and effort into planning this, they deserve some fun too. When the kids are away (hotel swimming pool, hotel lobby, etc.), the parents will par-tay!

8. Sunscreen

It doesn't matter where you're going, sunscreen is essential. There's nothing worse than getting a terrible sunburn within the first few days and suffering for the rest of the vacation. Just make sure to reapply as needed.

9. Sunglasses

It's the middle of the summer, there's going to be sun wherever you go. Sunglasses will block the sun, and you'll look super intimidating, so no one will talk to you. Win-win.

10. Camera

Digital cameras can take amazing photos, but not always needed. A phone's camera will do just as well. There's always a chance for some great photo opportunities and life is a photo shoot, treat it as such.

11. Rain jackets

Even if the forecast says sunny all week, it's good to be prepared for anything. These jackets can be used as regular jackets, as well. But, it's always a good idea to bring these on any vacation.

12. Bug spray

There are bugs everywhere. Mosquitos are the absolute worse, and mosquito bites are just as terrible. So, douse yourself in the spray and you will thank yourself later.

13. Portable charger

Phone batteries only last so long, and you don't want to miss capturing photos of the most beautiful spots. And, of course, answering social media and texts.