Fall & Winter Fashion Inspiration For 2018
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My Fall & Winter Fashion Inspiration From The '90s To The Early 2000s

Get out your trench coats and turtle necks!

My Fall & Winter Fashion Inspiration From The '90s To The Early 2000s

I am a fashion fiend. I have way too many articles of clothing, coats, accessories, shoes--you name it. Even though I have way too much, I can't help but find myself always being able to add more. You think a girl who has over 20 sweaters would be content with all of those and have just about every possible style out there, but, yet, I still search for more and want them all.

As fall and winter approach, the air begins to cool down and the leaves begin to change, causing us to go into a panic, packing away our summer clothes and hauling out the boots and oversized sweaters. This calls for a perfect time to evaluate our styles, get rid of the things we don't often wear and assess whether we actually need to purchase anything else. When it comes to fall and winter fashion, my style stays pretty simple: solid colors, stripes, knits, black jeans, trench coats, all the sweaters and socks catered specifically to my everyday outfit.

This fall and winter is a little different though. If anyone has managed to take notice of the change in fashion which began this summer, you would see that companies are starting to harken back to the trends of the early 2000s (2000-2006 specifically), as well as the iconic looks of the '90s. The revival of '90s fashion has been pretty constant in the past four years, but the rebirth of the early 2000s trends has come rather out of left field.

In remembering those years, most people have an automatic association with the words gaucho pants, Uggs, bell bottoms, spaghetti straps, low rise pants and bedazzle. But if you were someone in your mid-20s and beyond during that time, or actually had a sense of style, the fashion wasn't all that bad.

Target was the first company I noticed really pushing the old styles from the 2000s; the newsboys/paperboy hats, wide cut pants, button up shirts and platform/clog shoes started showing up in the summer. Now that it's fall, we are getting leather gloves, mock turtleneck shirts, trench coats, and knee-high boots.

I was born in 1998. So, I remember being a kid and looking at what my mom wore and thought about how cool she looked, but I knew that I wouldn't get to dress like that because of how quickly fashion trends change. Thankfully, my waiting has finally come to an end. So here's my list of people I pull inspiration from for these months of trend-studded coziness.

1. Zooey Deschanel in “Elf” (2003)


This is probably one of the most relevant sources of inspiration in my life for cold season fashion. I wanted to BE Jovie (Deschanel's character) when I got older. Everywhere from her "Christmas tree" hair to her endless trench coats and turtle necks, she was the perfectly dressed early 2000s woman. Her cloche hat was pretty rad as well.

2. Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail” (1998)


This movie is close to my heart; one of the best, if you ask me. The year 1998 is so perfectly captured in this film, not just in its portrayals the fashion, but in its nod to how different Starbucks used to look and how Fox Books (the super bookstore in the movie) was a nudge to how Barnes & Noble was growing to a supersized store (a trend starting at the beginning of 1990). I love watching this movie because it makes me miss the time when there were no cell phones, social media and how, if you were getting a message from someone, you would have to dial up on your computer and wait to hear the words "You have mail." Ah, those were the days.

3. Anne Hathaway (and let’s be honest, Meryl Streep) in “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006)


Getting into the latest year of this good early 2000s fashion, this movie is essential. Even though this was originally a book from 2003, a lot of the fashion from that year was accurately captured in this movie and carried out into 2007 and 2008. This is where trench coats, skinny scarves and newsboys/paperboy hats became crazy popular. Everyone was wearing them after this movie; my mother has a decent collection of items inspired by this film that I will never forget (thank god I saved some of it).

4. My Mother, Amy Dusek (circa 2003-2006)

My fashion icon living her best life in 2004

Mia Dusek

My mom gets an honorable mention in this article since her sense of fashion from this time period left a serious impact on me. She cringes when she looks back at what she wore during the early 2000s, but I think she looked so awesome. A couple of weeks ago, I cut off about 4 inches of my hair, which has left me with the classic Christmas tree-style hair that my mom rocked during this time, so you could say I'm living my best life. She had an office job during those years, so she always had to wear work attire: the trench coats, button ups, leather boots and shoes, cardigans, etc. This fall I get to rock her old hairstyle and wear her old black and white winter trench--so stoked.

5. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman in “Practical Magic” (1998)


If you haven't seen this movie, you need to watch it immediately. It was filmed on the West Coast, so it wasn't really a setting cold enough for the awesome coats and hats, but it still had its proud moments of fashion. This movie has the perfect mix of '90s fashion, with witchy vibe exactly what I'm looking for in October and November.

6. Courteney Cox in “Friends” (1994-2004)


I am not an avid watcher of "Friends," but I'm not so stuck in a cave that I don't know how amazing Monica Geller's sense of style is. Like many of the people I have described in this article, she's got the usual simple fashion from that era, and I can't help but treasure it.

7. Rachel McAdams in “The Family Stone” (2005)


This classic family holiday movie has a unique character with a unique sense of fashion. Amy (played by Rachel McAdams) has more of a grungy winter fashion that doesn't match anyone else in this article. Everywhere from her baggy t-shirts with long sleeves underneath to her messy morning hair with a hoodie, I just relate to it so much and enjoy how effortless and cozy it is.

The key to having an enjoyable cold season is to be simple with what you wear, layer up and always be cozy. Let's face it, it gets cold as balls in Minnesota during this time, and we have to do whatever we can to survive and stay warm. So enjoy these chillier days and embrace your inner Meg Ryan and Zoe Deschanel.

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