Poetry: It's Fall

Poetry: It's Fall

"Leaves please cause it's fall."


Summer is over so close up the pool

Get out your sweaters and jeans that look cool

Buy those fuzzy socks that keep you warm and look cute

And kick the leaves around in your new fall boots

Plan a trip to the farm to get an apple or more

Sit out by the fire with friends while you all make s'mores

Decorate a pumpkin and put it outside

And don't forget the halloween movies that keep you terrified

Buy some candy to give out to the kids that are dressed

And don't forget to dress up in a costume yourself to make everyone else impressed

Flannels are on sale from left to right

Sweatpants are a must on the very cool nights

Hoodies are my favorite this time of the year

They are simply cozy with the hoodie warming your ears

Fall night walks are fun in the evening at the park

But don't stay out too late if you are afraid of the dark

Summer is over so it is time to move on

The fall is here so come tag along

To the breeze of the wind and the activities that autumn calls

Bring on the leaves please cause this is fall

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