When I was a kid, I used to hate fall because it meant that I had to go back to school and my freedom was over. However, as I got older I realized that fall was actually pretty great. There's so much packed into about three months which makes it go by super fast (unfortunately). Overall, fall is probably one of the most underrated seasons there is. There's so many amazing things about this time of year that makes it actually worth loving. Here's a few to try and convince you.

Pumpkin Spice

This is one of the dead giveaways it's the change of season. Suddenly the grocery stores and coffee shops (ahem, Starbucks) begin to advertise this flavor. Pumpkin spice is what fall tastes like, you can't even deny it.

The Photography

People always take advantage of the changing leaves. Some have rich red hues, while others are a warm orange color and then some have a muted yellow color. This makes for some incredible photography if you play your cards right (aka go outside).


The staple fall sport is upon us. From a home football game at your alma mater high school on Friday night, to an Alabama game on Saturday (Roll Tide!) to an NFL game on Sunday (Go Pack!). Your whole weekend can be spent watching this all-American sport.

Giant Sweaters

Giant sweaters are a staple part of 90% of girls wardrobes in the fall season. It's so easy to look like you're trying when really, you totally could've slept in that sweater the night before (I may or may not be guilty of this).


If you say that you don't like Halloween you're lying. It's a night where you can dress up as whatever you want, party, or stay home and watch scary movies. Either way, the next day they have a ton of discounted candy that you can buy and stress eat for the next couple of months. Any way you chose look at it, there's something good about it.


Finally, you can go outside without collapsing from heatstroke or having your fingers get so cold that you can't use them for anything. It's riveting!

If this didn't convince you, there's no hope for you. So my advice that I leave with you is to enjoy this incredible season and everything that comes with it! Go on hay rides! Carve pumpkins with people you love! Go to haunted houses! Watch football! (If you don't already) It's an amazing time of year, you should take advantage of it before you can't leave your house because there's a blizzard going on outside (one of the perks of living in NEPA).

Happy Fall, everyone!