Fall Is MY Aesthetic AF
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Fall Is MY Aesthetic AF

Hears leaves crunch and is triggered.

Fall Is MY Aesthetic AF
Melissa Walcott

Cozy socks, a warm cup of joe, and Michael Bublé playing in the background. This is the time of year when my soul shines the brightest.

Fall is that time of year when I feel more like myself and I can shed the hot, sweaty façade that is summer. When the calendar switches to October, I am already making plans to go pumpkin patches and apple orchards, my room instantly becomes this autumn wonderland, and the sweaters make their comeback.

The reason fall is such a wonderful time to me is that the outside world seems to turn this switch, and everything is instantly bathed in this wonderful glow that is frost-tinged. Hues of burnt orange and burgundy burst forth and that magical time of year when love is abundant, and cheer is plentiful begins.

Once the leaves begin to turn color, my soul begins this transformation that I give in to every time. I turn into a happier person when my eyes take in the technicolor transformation of the leaves and my soul sings in the cooler weather.

I am convinced that my soul is painted in the hues of autumn and if someone asked me what my aesthetic was, I would answer fall because it is the representation of apple spice and everything nice which is everything I strive to be. There's something about the cinnamon scented atmosphere that feeds my soul and fills my head with dreams of autumnal dreamscapes.

If I could live in a world that filled with crunchy leaves and apple cider year-round, I would be the happiest of persons. I live for that time of year when I can cozy up in a sweater, wool socks, and sip apple cider. I live for the cool weather and giddiness of the coming holidays. I live for that peaceful switch and new beginnings.

Fall is here and my apple-spiced soul is ready.

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