Faith in God
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Faith in God

Learn about faith in God.

Faith in God

God is a All-Understanding Strength

Every day we get up and praise God for giving us with another day of bliss within our daily lives. We offer our prayers to God and praise God for everything we have been blessed with to live our lives.

We ask God to provide us with strength in moments of sadness and despair and we ask for special healing power from him.

We pray for God's blessings to ourselves, as well as for those we love dearly. We begin to wonder as to the reasons why people seek comfort by placing themselves before an unknowable, unseen power called God.

We might not be able to find God's presence, but an inner faith is a feeling of his existence, and this is the reason humans are connected to God.

The connection is made between man and god, not in the conscious mind, but within his brain and is further strengthened and manifests by his actions.

When the child is just a tiny toddler, he's instructed by the elders in the household to praise God for every new thing that he observes or experiences.

It is believed that with the divine blessings of god the child is able to begin learning new things, and his capacity grows as he bonds himself tightly to god.

The child of a young infanthood, he or she is able to see these insights and develops his own view of god.

The child has no idea of what God really is however, he sees it as an unnoticed helping hand that is trying to be involved in all of its actions.

As the child grows in age, he becomes more closely connected to God as his parents celebrate different kinds of celebrations and ask God's blessings to be part of their routine.

The daily ritual of watching this unfold is a form of exercise in the child's brain and it is a way of connecting with god prior to doing anything small or large for him.

As he grows into an adult, his practice is replaced by a permanent faith in the heart of his and is tempered by daily prayer and offering to God, and this is when he begins thinking that God is everywhere and that the source of every single thing that happens to him, even his own existence, is due to god's efforts.

He sees God's presence everywhere. In his grandparents, and in objects that he has to use as well as in the books the author reads, within himself and in everything and all around him.

Different Religions

God is worshipped in various ways. They take different routes to connect with God. The message that is sent across all religions is clear and they all view God as a unifying power.

The path to unity with God varies from one person to another and is contingent on their beliefs in religion and beliefs.

The role of religion is a channel that connects mankind to God by establishing certain guidelines and rules and demands that its adherents be adamant in following them.

The strictness of the rules outlined in the holy scriptures of religion and passing these rules on through generations to the next has led our civilization to the point where we are in the present.

If a baby is born into a family that adheres to a particular religion, relatives adhere to their beliefs on the subject and gradually build faith in the child's mind.

The child is the bearer of these practices , and he goes on to the next stage and continues to do so from generation to next.

India is a nation that is home to many different religions. We see those who visit temples to pray to God We also find people seeking blessings from the Lord through church services, other people visit mosques in search of unity with God, and numerous others.

All religions have ways for them for connecting to God.

Also, people from various religions can also differ in their culture as well as their lifestyles, food habits as well as clothing, festivities as well as the way they live their lives.

In accordance with their religious beliefs People also create different eating habits and different methods of offering their prayers to god, worshipping gods, etc.

Religion is the basis of a person's belief in god takes on a certain form and structure, and discovers its own distinct path in order to attain a sense of oneness with God.

In the context of religious beliefs, there is the question of superiority that leads to conflict between various religions.

India as a secular nation provides total freedom to the individual to choose the religion that he would like to adhere. No one can force anyone to follow a particular faith that is not compatible with his beliefs.

The need to maintain harmony among communities in all religious traditions are set out in our constitution. We as citizens of this nation must adhere to this without failing.

Faith of God as the ultimate power

A particular student who will be taking an exam the following day, is sitting down to take his exam, however later in the evening, his father makes a visit to the temple nearby for a special prayer for god's help in helping his son pass his tests.

The next day, prior to when the son goes to his test, he makes special offerings to God at home. And before he begins the exam in the exam room contemplates God for a moment and then begins to write the exam.

We can see clearly that although the student may be well-prepared to pass the test through his own effort but he increases his confidence only when the student has a connection with god in some way or other.

It's a result of practice. A sense of faith in the student promises him an omnipotent power that will not fail him if there were any difficulties on the exam.

The belief that is based on this system of thought comes due to the family members of the student who has instilled this belief into him since the time he was just a youngster. Being a strong believer is not a sin in and of itself.

If a student puts all his efforts into a complete and total effort and then rely on God to shine a final sparkle upon his work, this makes the student accountable for their own efforts.

If a person is dependent on God to the degree that he is able to limit his efforts at the minimal , and is dependent on a third element known as luck this is when he will encounter the negative aspect of the faith system.

In this situation the individual is unaware of the abilities he has to complete his work and is relying on some unrealized magic to do it for him.

This is the downside of these beliefs that you should not get involved in. Work hard and have faith in God to keep the work going is all it takes to gain peace and happiness from success.

Faith in God against beliefs in superstition

Faith in God is what drives an individual to incorporate the divine presence in everything that he is able to attempt or do.

The person who opens an enterprise or shop and seeking the blessings of God prior to the start of his business is thought to be a fair and rational person.

If the shop's owner launches a new venture and uses unfair methods of conducting company, he's believed to be a believer in God, but is making use of the faith in wrong manners.

The faith in God does not allow him to conduct the right thing in his work because his mind isn't permitting him to do it.

One believes that, despite doing wrong things and committing wrong actions, he will still be successful in his field since the person has faith in God or none of faith God.

Faith can be a poisonous substance that makes people believe that no matter if they behave in a good or bad way god will still take their hand by default. This misperception can be interpreted as a lack of faith in God.

Idol worship can be observed in many places of religious worship. Many people approve of it while others who aren't believers don't. How they worship God the way they want is a decision to make.

Believing in a false belief regarding a stone which absorbs milk and claiming that it has been created by God's grace is just theological nonsense.

It is not a connection with God and is a sign of non-scientific, unjustified practices and exploitation in the name of God.

The act of praying to God for motivation and the strength to walk the path of struggle is the true worship of god.

Praying to God allows people to relax his thoughts and provide him with a an inner peace from his responsibilities. The faith in God gives us the strength within us to fulfill our tasks with reverence and sincerity.

Feeling of wellbeing and happiness is experienced by seeking spiritual connections with God.

The power of God as a force for good in fulfilling one's duties by putting in the effort and commitment is the most profound knowledge we can obtain out of this belief.

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