Dating is so difficult. From first deciding you're ready to go out and try meeting new people to the part where you decide you want to marry them. I'm sure even after getting married things can get awkward and make people nervous.

Dating in the 21st century usually means you've met someone online or at your school. Dating online is so weird, you basically are just online shopping for someone you'd like to sleep with. You can say it's to find someone with a good personality but when you're just looking at their pictures you're relying solely on looks. You can swipe a million times and find absolutely no one you like or you can meet your soulmate immediately.

If you meet someone at your school, it can be even weirder. You have to sit by them in class and you don't know if you should look smart and serious or joke and flirt the whole lecture. Do you distract them from learning and sit right next to them or maybe stay a few seats away and play hard to get? Dating is a minefield with no guidelines.

There's no book outlining every situation you could be put in and what to do then. What happens if you're having the worst day ever and you feel like you got hit by a train and this is the day they want to take you to a nice dinner? Do you suck it up just for the chance to be around them or suffer alone at home wishing it was different?

The only consolation is that everyone else has felt this way too. Everyone that has dated or even just been on one date knows how awkward dating can be. You can turn to friends and ask for their experience or even ask the person you like if they've felt nervous. That can break the ice and make both of you feel more comfortable.

Dating has one really great upside, you get to find someone you love to spend time with and who will, hopefully, change your life for the better. In theory, you break up with everyone except for the person you marry so treat dating more like a game and less like a burden.