Dating In College Is Hard
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Technology Makes The Dating Game Hella Hard And It Really Bugs Me

Get out there and get to know people organically, and for the love of God, please stop sliding in DMs.

Technology Makes The Dating Game Hella Hard And It Really Bugs Me

All of us have cell phones, and I'm sure we've all sent a screenshot of a conversation with a potential "love interest" to our friend (or friends if you're really trying to get some help). I know I'm guilty of sending screenshots of weird DMs I get to laugh with my girlfriends about or a text message I need help responding to.

And I'm 100% sure it happens on the other side of the screen as well. Your man probably has a group chat going too where he sends screenshots and asks for help (maybe even from other girls).

This little thing called a phone we carry in our hands is creating a divide between basic interpersonal communication, and sometimes we even hide behind it and abuse its capabilities. By that, I mean pretending like your words or actions don't have consequences if they're being transferred through "the cloud" or whatever.

The physical/digital fence available isn't the only thing that makes the dating game hard. It's the accessibility that creates less space between people and the accessibility that allows a person to move on to the next thing just as quickly as they found you. So of course when you have this mentality, you need that consistency to give you the assurance you want that this person is out here just for you. Most of the time, the "guys" we're dealing with are just boys who don't know how to make the right effort.

With advancing technology and everything available at our fingertips, everyone is trying to make a relationship happen out of thin air without putting in the most basic effort. And this is why I hate how dating is nowadays. I'm so jealous of people who got to spend time getting to know someone and then decide when they wanted to pursue something romantically.

What. A. Concept.

It's almost as if the faster technology advances, the faster everyone else is trying to be with every aspect of their life. And it bugs me. It leaves me trusting people less every day and believing my own expectations are too high only because no one is attempting to reach them.

Get out there and get to know people organically, and for the love of God, please stop sliding in DMs. You're already setting yourself up for a disconnect, and it probably won't last like that.

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