My FabFitFun Spring Box Review
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My FabFitFun Spring Box Review

Is the popular subscription box worth it?

My FabFitFun Spring Box Review
Anna Sulecki

One of my Christmas presents this year was getting to pick a subscription box service for a year. I've never had a subscription box before, and I was so excited to try one out for the first time. After researching about 20 different boxes, I finally decided on FabFitFun.

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box. You can subscribe for just 1 quarter or all 4. I decided to do the full year and get a new box each season. I have now gotten 2 boxes with my subscription (Winter and Spring) and I have loved both of them.

There are so many customization options for each box, so you can cater it to what you like. When I signed up, there was a very through questionnaire that I had to fill out about my personal preferences, skin type, clothing size, and everything else you could possibly think of.

Depending on if you have the annual or quarterly subscription box, you either get 3 or 5 customizations for each box. In both of my boxes, I got to pick 5 items and the other 3 were chosen at random by the company.

Here's my spring review of my FabFitFun box!

Alice and Olivia Daisy Print Duffel Bag

This bag is one of the cutest things I have ever gotten! It's so springy, and the perfect should bag to take on a weekend getaway! The bag regularly retails for $150, but I got this for just spending $43 on my spring box, which is an incredible deal. It's also the bag in the picture above!

Splendid Faux Fur Slippers

I am not a slippers person by any means, but these are the softest and most cozy slippers that I've ever owned. They're a faux fur light pink, and they are so cute and chic. They're the perfect shoe for lounging around the house in! I've been wearing them nonstop since I got them!

Alice and Olivia Reversible Bucket Hat​

I have never owned a bucket hat, but this is the cutest bucket hat ever! The pattern matches the daisy duffel that I also got in this box, and it is super cute! The hat is also reversible to just a plain white, which is perfect for those days that you just want a basic white hat! This hat is so versatile and will definitely be used! It's also in the picture above!

Lark & Ives Hair Scarf Bundle 

I have never had long hair before, so I could never do anything to it, but now that I'm growing it out , I can do so many fun things with it! These scarfs are super cute to put in my hair, and I usually wear with a ponytail, it dresses up a basic ponytail and makes it look a little more presentable.

Camp Collection Dip Dye Market Tote

This tote is so cute and it just screams boho chic. I would use this if I'm going to a little farmers market to pick up some fruit, like it so adorable! It will also be a great little beach bag when I go this summer, it'll hold my books and sunscreen (along with the bucket hat of course!).

Earth Harbor Marina Biome Brightening Ampoule

I am always a little wary with skincare since I have combination skin and I'm pretty prone to breakouts. I knew that I wanted to get a brightening serum into my routine, and I was really excited to try this. After using it for a week, I haven't broke out on my face, and my skin looks a bit brighter, so I think that it's working for me, which is great!

sfGlow Sun's Out, Pouts Out Lip mask

These lip masks are so cute! They've really helped hydrate my lips, especially since they've been so chapped from the winter weather these past few months! They've definitely added some much needed hydration to my lips, and I might have to buy more myself when I run out!

Nails Inc Nail Polish in Mayfair Lane

This shade it so so cute! It's like a baby pink and I usually always have my nails painted pink! I've been looking for a aby pink shade, and I'm so excited that I got one in this box!

Overall, I love my FabFitFun subscription box! I love all of the items, and i think they're all super versatile and cute! I 100% recommend to anyone who's looking into getting a subscription box to seriously consider FabFitFun!

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