My days are busy. I get up early and out of the house as soon as I can, getting a productive start to my day. I usually am heading to class or to a local coffee shop to get some work done. Sometimes to the gym. No matter what it is, I'm surrounded by people. I need to be surrounded by people, even if I'm not directly interacting with them, to feel productive.

During my day, I'll usually meet up with a friend to grab some coffee or lunch. Sometimes to work on a project or go over some information for my meetings. In the afternoon, I usually have class, meetings, or work, socializing with people constantly, either for personal or academic reasons. My day ends usually walking home with a group of my classmates, talking the entire way home.

When I step foot into my house and shut my front door, "me time" commences. No social interactions, no talking. Just me and some silence.

So, out of my entire day, what patterns do I notice? Well, I wake up to silence and end my day with silence. As soon as I leave my house, I'm all about socializing and being around people. It's the only way I'll get stuff done and be productive. But, as soon as I get home and shut the door behind me, it's me time again.

I'm a major extrovert. I love being around people and meeting new people. I truly believe that making connections and relationships with people is one of the most important parts of our days. Would we really be human without all of the emotions that come with relationships?

Although I thrive off of those hours surrounded by others, I need my alone time. I need a few hours to myself every day, even if it's just before bed to decompress and let myself think. I honestly think I would be stressed even more than I already am if I didn't have some "me time" every day.

Being outgoing or a "people person" doesn't have to mean that you need to be around people 24/7. We absolutely can be around people all the time, but even the most intense extroverts need their alone time.