Joining a new gym can reveal many emotions. Whether you are excited, happy, relieved, confident, and feeling healthy, or on the other hand, nervous, discouraged, intimidated or scared. Either way, you are aware that there are many benefits of exercising. These advantages include: encouragement to balance physical activity and healthy eating, support and motivation from family, friends, or even other gym members, relieving stress by reducing tensions in the body and mind, weight loss and a metabolism boost, or even access to the tanning beds and massage chairs. While attending the gym, you can learn from the experts. Well, why don’t you become an expert before joining? This article will help you receive an understanding of each common cardio machine.

To begin, the treadmill is always a good place to start your workout. If want to slowly begin running, you can get your heart rate up by adjusting the speed while at the same time aiming to a longer distance. In this case, you can continue working out by walking and jogging. Next, you can try switching the speed to a higher pace and begin sprinting. Another way to change your workout is to set the treadmill on an incline, this is similar to climbing a mountain or running up a hill.

A similar beneficial machine is the elliptical. There are various settings you can choose while working out. For example, most ellipticals have the workout settings of resistance, which helps build muscle power and strength, ramp control, which focuses on quadriceps, glutes, and ankles, and steps per minute, for a quick, speed workout. Other options are stimulations which include running on a track, through a valley, or uphill and downhill.

Another machine, alike the elliptical, is the Arc Trainer. From experience, the Arc Trainer burns more calories in less time. By adjusting the settings to a higher weight, it will be more of a challenge but will help burn more calories. It is also possible to use the Arc Trainer for strength power, endurance, cardio, and weight loss. This machine is also comforting to the joints, rather than putting high pressure on your legs and knees.

A stationary bicycle also offers many valuable outcomes. Most gyms have two different bikes, these two types are upright and recumbent. The recumbent bike allows you to sit on a backrest with your legs stretched out in front of you. Instead, the upright bike has the seat directly over the pedals, allowing for faster pedaling. Interval training on a bike will switch between a low, medium, and high speed. Lastly, if a person has problems with their knees, bikes are a safer choice.

While at the gym, rotate these machines with either ab, leg, or arm workouts for a greater experience. When a person engages in physical activity and at the same time eats healthier in the kitchen, they will definitely begin to see successful results. Find family and friends to join you with encouragement and motivation for a healthier, happier, positive life-style!