Alcoves and Caves and Cities, oh my

When I think about travel, I think of the most exciting, fascinatingly interesting countries and secret spots in alcoves found deep within the Amalfi coast or in the caves off of Pacific Islands. I think of visiting bustling cities that differ vastly from this slower-paced town that moves like honey drips from a stir stick compared to the metropolis of the great cities of the world.

But I also think of money.

So much money.

What is Money, Anyway?

But then I realize, and maybe this is a radical thought, that money is just paper. Money returns. Money ebbs and flows in and out of your life. We work all our lives, many of us, for more of it. But when we finally have it, what do we do with it? Do we even notice that we have more or are we perpetually stuck in a cycle of dissatisfaction? Of wanting more and more

and more.

And not get in a rant about the cycle of money and consumerism, but that's kind of sad in my opinion. If we focus the brunt of our lives on the ability to obtain more pieces of paper, how great really is our life? I want to focus my life on the experiences, the breaths of fresh air, the moments with friends spent laughing until we cry, the hugs of warm family members. Life costs money, though. I am a realist sometimes. I do recognize that this is true. But how we view our money is up to us. We can decide to make the most of it when we have it and book that one-way flight to California or Fiji or Georgia or wherever.

I urge you to do this! I urge me to do this.

Because money returns. But time doesn't.