The 9 Most Expensive Things While Planning Your Wedding
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The 9 Most Expensive Things While Planning Your Wedding

Whether you plan a wedding on a budget or a princess-like banquet, here are the most expensive things that await you!


Sadly, wedding preparations often go along with huge prices. On that day everything should be about true love between two people, but in order to get there, there are bills awaiting you – and maybe one or two nervous breakdowns. Here is a list of the most expensive things that await you while planning your big day!

1. The dress

Yes girls, let's face it. Our dress is probably one of the most expensive things in all the wedding preparation. Even if you wish to have a simple, boho style dress instead of the big puffy princess gown, it doesn't mean it costs less money. It's crazy how much money we spend on a dress for one day… #unbelievable

2. The location

The wedding has to happen somewhere. And if you're not blessed with a big house and huge garden, you probably have to pay for any kind of location that fits all your guests and makes them feel comfortable. There are as many location types as there are tastes, so you'll definitely find your dream location. Whether it's an old barn or fancy palace, the beach or a park, for the right price you can place your wedding basicall anywhere you want.

3. The food

A wedding without food is simply unimaginable. Especially in polish culture – the culture I grew up in – it's unacceptable to let your guests sit at an empty table. Food for so many guests is a huge cost factor, even if it's just simple pizza.

4. The wedding cake

Traditionally, wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to all guests and the couple. An even though variations of the traditional wedding cake occur, it's still a centerpiece to the wedding. If you pay a certain price, your wedding cake can truly resemble an artistic sculpture.

5. The wedding car

Somehow, the bride and groom have to get from the place of the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception location. How about renting a special car for that trip? Usually, that is the most favorite part of wedding preparations of the groom, as he has now the option to look for a fancy car. I'm pretty sure, though, that this topic quickly turns into an uncomfortable one, as prices especially for beautiful old-timers are huge.

6. The wedding rings

Your wedding band is something that will accompany you the rest of your life on your finger. The food, the music, the dress is all only for that one day. Your wedding bands are for a lifetime. That's the reason why you shouldn't economize on this part of wedding preparations.

7. The photographer

Each and every couple wants to capture their wedding day as much as possible. Therefore, the hunt for a good photographer is an important one. Pictures capture the most beautiful moments for ever, and are a beautiful way to reminiscent on that beautiful day throughout your life.

8. The videographer

It's getting more and more common to additionally book a videographer, who will film the most important moments during your special day. In the end you'll have not only pictures but also a wedding movie that will make you dream away.

9. The flowers

Flowers and decoration per se is a quite expensive part of wedding preparations. Vendors usually double the price for decorations if they know it's for a wedding. The result are horrid prices. If you have the time and possibilities, you can add some of your DIY's to the décor and save some money.

However, no matter how much anything costs or how much it was DIY, it's not the price of the flowers or food that matters on your wedding day. As soon as you'll start planning your wedding you'll realize which things are to prioritize and which things are maybe not as important as you primarily thought. And I'm sure you'll soon figure out where to economize and where to treat yourself to something.

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