For anyone who takes their health and fitness routine pretty seriously, going on vacation can bring on some nerves. Not to say that being on vacation shouldn't be relaxing, but for many, exercising is what keeps that relaxation alive, myself included. That's why having some sort of movement or exercise routine while on vacation is just as important as enjoying your time away.

Here are my favorite tips for keeping up your routine away from home:

1. Wake up before everyone else.

If you're already an early riser like me, this should be easy! But if not, try getting up an extra hour early than everyone else is and squeeze in a run or HIIT workout. This way, you can get your sweat on, feel good, and not miss out on any vacation activities if you're traveling with a crew!

2. Hotel room workouts are definitely a thing.

If you're traveling alone or hotel room hopping, use that space to get in a sweat. It may feel odd at first, but there are plenty of movements that you can do in the morning or at night in a hotel room. Better yet, make getting ready in your room a workout— squat while brushing your teeth!

3. Don't beat yourself up for having less intense workouts. 

It's vacation after all!!

Low intensity is better than nothing. This isn't the time to have your hardest workout, it's the time to get in some activity to feel more relaxed throughout the day.

4. Bring lots of workout clothes with you.

You'll feel extremely unmotivated if you don't have your normal garb. Make sure to make enough sports bras, leggings, shorts, tank tops, and your favorite pair of sneakers to make it through the trip.

5. Make vacation activities a workout.

Go for a swim in the ocean, take a hike with friends, run on the beach in the morning...

Working out on vacation doesn't have to be a drag— make it fun and scenic if you can!

6. Try not to go off the rails with food.

It's vacation... I get it! Head out for ice cream or have some dessert with dinner, but don't take it too far! If you're going to stick to your exercise routine, don't forget about your 'food routine' too.

You can still achieve a healthy diet on vacation while splurging a bit on the irresistible eats!

7. Get your steps in.

Walking is exercise! Try to walk as much as possible, especially if you really think you're unable to fit in a circuit workout. 10,000+ steps can go a long way.

8. Pack a resistance band.

Obviously we won't be taking weights on the plane...but resistance bands are light and super effective in a workout.