8 Times Donald Trump Was The Most Unpresidential President-Elect
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8 Times Donald Trump Was The Most Unpresidential President-Elect

A tribute to Donald Trump's delightful personality

8 Times Donald Trump Was The Most Unpresidential President-Elect

DISCLAIMER: This article is in no way related to important issues involving policy. It’s more of a tribute to Donald Trump’s delightful personality. Warning: sarcasm throughout.

This Friday, Donald Trump will take the oath of office and become the 45th President of the United States. If someone would have predicted such an event a year ago when Trump first announced his plans, I would have laughed in his or her face. Nevertheless, what I first thought was a practical joke is now a reality.

In the beginning, many people did not take Trump’s candidacy seriously because, well, he’s Donald Trump. The same Trump from NBC’s “The Apprentice” and “Donald J. Trump’s Fabulous World of Golf.” Yes, the latter is a real show in which Trump travels around the world and builds "yuge" golf courses.

Now that we have to take Trump’s Presidency seriously, I thought I might highlight some of his finer moments in the public eye. Whether it be in a personal interview or on the debate stage, the Donald has managed to make himself look like a complete douchebag (for lack of a better term) countless times. Trump, as we all know, has a habit of combating criticism with impulsive, often personal insults and not-so-presidential behavior. So, here are a few examples of said douchebaggery.

1. That time he implied Megan Kelly was on her period because she challenged him on his attitude toward women.

These few words put Trump in the hot seat, especially with women across the country. I find his comment inappropriate for a dinner conversation, let alone a phone interview on CNN.

2. That time Trump claimed he never attacked Rand Paul on his appearance and then attacked Rand Paul on his appearance.

After he was asked a question concerning the United States’ nuclear arsenal, Trump somehow shifted his answer away from policy and towards a roast of Rand Paul.

3. The many times Trump responded to Mexico’s refusal to pay for a wall with “The wall just got 10 feet higher.”

Trump loves this line so much, he’s said it at nearly all of his rallies. Here’s to Donald, the king of compromise.

4. That time Trump claimed Mitt Romney would have knelt and begged him for his endorsement in the 2012 election.

This one is a testament to Trump's enormous ego. According to him, Romney was so desperate for a Trump endorsement that he would have dropped to his knees upon request.

5. That time he turned a Fox News debate into a Def Comedy Jam with a single Rosie O’Donnell joke.

I’ll admit I actually laughed when I heard this, as did the entire debate audience. But the fact is, a debate is not the place for Trump to test his newest comedy bits.

6. That time the Donald launched his own board game modestly titled “Trump: The Game.”

This one isn't an insult, but I still find it hilarious. Back in 1988, Trump began selling what looks like an obnoxious, greed-driven version of Monopoly. Naturally, his portrait is plastered on the front of the box with the word “Trump” in gold letters.

7. That time Trump questioned whether or not John McCain is a war hero.

The Donald angered many conservatives when he said he preferred soldiers who are not captured. McCain spent over five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

8. That time Trump mocked a disabled reporter.

Last November, Trump came under fire for allegedly mocking a New York Times journalist with a chronic disability. When asked about the incident, Trump defended himself by saying he's spent a lot of money making his buildings handicap accessible. Way to go, Donald.

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