If you have ever been to Europe (which, disclaimer, I have not) then you most likely know that the citizens of Europe are not particularly fond of people who do not speak their language. I have heard of this happening many times from my faith teacher in high school and from many of my friends. They are just generally do not favor outsiders of their country due to their high levels of nationalism. This is what we call nativism. Though a form of discrimination, great deals of Europeans are nativists, not racists. Here in America, we do have racism because we do discriminate based strictly on skin color. I am not saying that Europe does not have racism (because I am sure the continent has at least some) but the main difference between discrimination in the United States and discrimination in Europe is nativism versus racism.

I am sure you are wondering why I just whipped out a description of some differences between America and Europe. Well that is because, recently, I learned about a group called the alt-right here in the United States. The group is very similar to some far right parties in Europe such as UKIP in Britain or the National Front Party in France. Yet, the alt-right is a much more extremist version, in my opinion. Yes, Alt-Right does believe in nativism. At the same time, though, Alt-Right also believes in white supremacy, a very high form of racism.

In addition to having some very racist beliefs, the alt-right has some very sexist and homophobic outlooks. They are not only antifeminists, but also masculinists. They are not only huge nationalists, but also anti-Semitics. They are the most extreme form of conservatives. That being said, all of the alt-right is conservative but not all conservatives are apart of the alt-right.

The alt-right appears to be very similar to Westboro Baptist Church. Westboro Baptist Church claims to be rooted around faith and the Bible. Yet, so many incidents prove them to be almost the opposite of Christianity. They take Christianity, particularly Baptism, to such an extreme level, that Southern Baptist Convention and Baptist World Alliance have denounced Westboro Baptist Church. I feel that alt-right is such an extreme form of conservatism that some conservatives even denounce them (or at least will in a given amount of time).

The main point that I would like to argue though is that you should not confuse conservatism or republicanism with the alt-right. The alt-right is an extremist group. Just like there are extreme feminists or extreme Islamists, this group of people does not represent an entire group of people or set of beliefs. When you think of the alt-right, try thinking “white supremacists” instead of “conservatives” because not all Republicans are racists. Yet, the alt-right is a very extreme racist group and this behavior is absolutely unacceptable in America where we believe in liberty and justice (and equal treatment) for all.