Today, we make relationships harder than they need to be. "Tweeting hints" and such high expectations because of what we see on social media. We act different in person, over the phone, around our friends, and on our accounts. We go from friends to "talking" to miscommunication to nothing, all because we are scared someone might actually get close enough to see our emotions. Girls decide to be cold with "black souls" because boys will not admit they can be vulnerable. We are all so scared of getting hurt again that we are missing what is right in front of us.

I guess this is where it gets personal. It was just like every other beginning. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy makes effort. It was also like every other ending. Boy is not sure. Boy does not make effort. Girl lets go. What made us different was everything between the beginning and the ending.

It was not like the relationships you see on social media. It was not about money or presents or fancy dates. It was about time, communication, and emotions. I had you and I did not need anything else from you. I did not even want you to pay for my movie ticket. I wanted to fall asleep in your arms, support you at your games, wake up to a text from you, and hear your voice before I fell asleep. With you, I realized that the relationship is what mattered, not the materialistic aspects.

I am sad to say that even though things were not materialistic, I just did not look the part for you. Especially, according to your friends. Even though you gave up and made me think it was my fault, you managed to change my outlook on so much. You made me believe I deserve someone who is strong and confident enough to look beneath the surface and take the time to see me for who I really am and where I come from. You made me realize that the best things in life come out of nowhere, when you least expect them. Exactly like everyone told me. You made me believe that I could be apart of something amazing again. You made me believe that I deserved to be happy. You made me believe that I was beautiful and that I could be loved. You made me believe in something so much greater than something you see on Twitter or Instagram. You made me believe in something honest and real, something I could call mine.

I never got to thank you for really opening my eyes. I now know, more than ever, that nothing worth having comes easy. I have always been one to fight for what I want, and you taught me that real love is not easy. Here is everything I never got the chance to say. Most importantly, I will never stop fighting for what makes me happy. Thank you for hurting me, just to make me that much stronger.

With love xx,