There has been a stigma around yoga and why you should try it. At first, I was skeptical about trying it, but once I was introduced to it I wanted to continue going every week. It helps change your mentality, view of life and yourself. There are many benefits that come with yoga, whether it be a sense of calmness, balance to your crazy life, or just being relieved from stress. Anyone at any age can impact from the practice. It will take time, patience, and dedication but it will be worth it. When you read this list you will wonder why you did not try it any sooner.

1. It's the biggest stress reliever

As a college student, stress is like second nature to some if not all. Going to yoga has taught me to cope with my stress. Every time I walk into the studio I leave my stress at the door. There is something about it that helps my mind just relax and not think about anything.

2. It increases your balance

Trust me when I say this, but I am the least balanced person. Always have been. Yoga has taught me to gain that balance that I never had. It is a slow process, but it does do wonders.

3. It makes you stronger

Along with strength training, yoga does improve your strength, with all of the different moves you gain strength as you learn and advance through the difficulties.

4. It helps manage back pain

With yoga, the poses target your back muscles to release the tension that is held throughout your day to day life. The core will get stronger and will help with preventing your back pains and injuries.

5. It aids with anxiety and depression

With the practice of yoga, your anxiety will be relieved for the longer you practice. It can promote relaxing your body.

6. It increases your motivation and concentration


Being on the go and being everywhere it is hard to concentrate and be motivated for all of the different tasks at hand. It is also known to improve your focus and brain functions.

7. It becomes part of your schedule

When incorporating yoga in your everyday life, it starts to become part of your routine. I feel when I don't go to yoga twice a week like I regularly do, that my body feels like it is missing out on something. There have been weeks where I have missed and my body notices it and I end up regretting it right away.

8. It helps promote better posture

With technology taking over how our posture becomes, yoga enhances and improves for a better posture. It helps ease the tense muscles in the upper back as well as the shoulders.

9. It detoxes your body

With working out and bring more active comes a natural detox that occurs. The deep breathing allows enhancement of your organs, more importantly, your lungs. In hot yoga, the more you sweat the more your body performs a natural detox and cleanses itself which is the best feeling

10.  It calms your inner self

When I started going to yoga, I quickly learned to really enjoy the sport you have to create calmness within yourself. You learn to look at life in a different light and appreciate things a little more.

11. It makes you becoming more flexible

Along with balance, flexibility is not my strongest suit and my instructor has talked about how improving your flexibility reduces the chances of injury to occur. As you learn more about the poses and techniques your flexibility will increase the more you practice.

12.  It's an immunity Boost

With all of the sweat and your glands opening up your body will better protect you from diseases. It will help you reduce the chance of sickness, fight different infections going around and much more.

13.  It improves your breathing


When being stressed and anxious, you tend to hold your breath. Yoga helps regulate your breathing and as well as your mental health. It will help you focus better and learn to maintain it.

14. It helps you unplug from life

How many hours a day do you just leave yourself time to recuperate and not have anyone bother you? It is not often this happens. Yoga has helped me with this to just focus on myself and not think about everything that is happening outside the studio. You need to give yourself that time as it is most essential.

15.  It is a Way of Life


Practicing yoga, will become second nature to you. You will learn to have a more positive outlook on life and just yourself.

16.  It improves your sleep


I usually go to yoga later at night, like around 9 pm. Which at first I thought was insane, but when I get home that night I am just ready for bed. I have never felt so well before going to yoga. It definitely helps me sleep more and get in a deeper sleep.

17. It helps with managing your weight

Regular workouts aren't the only thing that can help you manage your weight, but yoga helps a lot in this as well. In yoga, you learn about your mindfulness and what works best for you. With that being said, the many styles target a lot of different parts of your body.

18.  It builds your self-confidence

When entering the realm of being physically active often than you are used to challenges yourself. You are stepping out of your comfort zone. In my studio and probably every studio, you come in and you have the feeling that you are not being judged for once. Everyone struggles, it is an ongoing process and you will see improvement. This creates a stronger self-confidence within yourself.