Every Lady Gaga Album, Ranked
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Every Lady Gaga Album, Ranked

We rank Lady Gaga's impressive and versatile discography!

Every Lady Gaga Album, Ranked

Lady Gaga has become an icon in pop culture. So much of what people see is her iconic fashion choices or her theatrical stage presence. However, her music is the primary example of her artistic talent.

With five albums, Lady Gaga has shown her power and versatility. From dance music to folk rock to jazz standards, here's our ranking of every Lady Gaga album.

9. "Love For Sale" (with Tony Bennett)

Her most recent album is a collection of jazz standards with the legendary Tony Bennett. The album serves as a tribute to the late Cole Porter. It's been said that this will be Bennett's final album. It's been nominated in this year's Grammy Awards.

8. "Cheek To Cheek" (with Tony Bennett)

The first collaborative album Gaga and Bennett created was released in 2014. This was the first of many moments where Gaga would showcase different sides of her talent in the years to come. Gaga's interpretation of these songs take them to another place and she makes them her own.

7. "A Star Is Born" (Soundtrack, with Bradley Cooper)

Since this is a soundtrack, it's clear Gaga is writing from the perspective of a character. However, these are still her songs and her talent shines front and center. Bradley Cooper surprises people with his singing ability and serves as another great collaborator for Gaga.

6. "Born This Way"

With "Born This Way," Gaga touched a generation of young people and inspired them to be themselves. While the significance of her impact can't be ignored, this was when it started to feel like the creativity was being forced. Lyrically, this album isn't her best. However, one can't deny the absolute bangers that occupy most of the track list.


"ARTPOP" was one of the most anticipated albums of 2013. However, it seemed to be considered a disappointment as a result. Many felt Gaga promised too much and couldn't deliver. Maybe the general public had moved on and the little monsters were the only ones left. Whatever the reason, the music from this album was still very good. It's a solid dance-pop album.

4. "Joanne"

"Joanne" saw Gaga in a stripped-down mode following the overwhelming nature of the "ARTPOP" era. It was a welcome and needed change of direction. It helped Gaga make her most personal and heartfelt album, while still allowing her personality to take center stage. The title track is named after and written for her late aunt who passed from lupus.

3. "Chromatica"

Gaga has long discussed her mental health struggles and explores that theme on this album. It was written during one of the darkest periods of Gaga's life, however, the album is so full of life. It's lyrics detail a private struggle, but it's music drag you onto the dance floor. This juxtaposition, along with its focus, is what makes "Chromatica" one of her best albums.

2. "The Fame"

Gaga's debut album showcases an ambitious spirit with a cheeky sense of humor. Tracks like "Just Dance," "Poker Face," "LoveGame," and "Paparazzi" were huge hits at the time. The album was an incredible debut that forced the music world to take notice. In the early digital era, Gaga impressed many with her ability to dominate the field.

1. "The Fame Monster" (EP)

Written while on her debut tour, this album was initially supposed to be a re-release of her first album. However, it ended up being an entirely new album which explored Gaga's fears. These are topics she would delve into further down the line. She collaborated with Beyoncé on "Telephone" and extended her hit-making powers. She even wrote a song for her dad called "Speechless."

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