Hearing the school principal call your name and tossing your graduation cap into the sky are key milestones for almost every high school graduate. While Senior Week is filled with many unforgettable experiences leading up to the graduation ceremony, I think that all seniors should create a bucket list filled with all the random, mundane, and epic goals to be accomplished throughout the last year of high school.

I made a bucket list with my friends the summer before my senior year of high school started. Included on this 25+ point list were simple activities such as visiting friends at their work or participating in the annual homecoming skit, and more adventurous options, like asking a celebrity to prom or skydiving on our 18th birthdays. While we were not able to accomplish all of these feats, we still made an effort to complete as many as possible throughout the year. This bucket list gave us a reason to go to school events with our classmates and spend time together, even when our schedules were demanding. As a result of this epic bucket list personal challenge, my friends and I have many memories of the last year of high school that we would not have made otherwise.

Rules don't have to apply when current seniors are drafting their own epic lists to countdown the days until graduation. Items can be as simple or outrageous as you want. They can be academic, such as being exempt from final exams, or fun, like stargazing. The point is to try new experiences, create long-lasting memories and enjoy the friends you have made during the last four years.

I think every student should make a bucket list because it allows the last year of high school to be a fun and exciting adventure, instead of stressful and nerve-wracking time. In place of anxiously waiting for college decision letters, students could plan an epic road trip or watch one varsity game from every sport. Having a senior bucket list allows seniors to focus on fun activities instead of wasting the time between the last first day of high school and graduation. Making a senior bucket list is a creative way to focus on the present, make memories with your best friends and enjoy the last few months of senior year.

Have fun, graduating seniors!