Take A Moment And Evaluate Your Life
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Take A Moment And Evaluate Your Life

Have you ever thought about why you think the way you do? We judge others daily, we even judge ourselves, but do we ever evaluate our existence?

Take A Moment And Evaluate Your Life

Now when I saw evaluate. I mean reaalllllllly evaluate, this is your life we’re talking about here. My generation and apparently some generations preceding me have become a bit consumed. We are consumed in a mix of everything and can’t achieve because we allow irrelevant things to have too much impact on our lives. Majoring in media, really enjoying my philosophy class and constant meditation has awakened me I guess. I definitely indulge in my fair share of turn ups, reality TV, rap songs, Instagram and Facebook. But I also indulge into a good book, conversations with professionals, or maybe just a few minutes of research on a matter I’m not sure about.

Personally, I find it crucial to seek my own understanding. Becoming an adult comes with the responsibility of self-examination and evolutions. Socrates quote is classic, “an unexamined life is a not worth living.” How can we live if we don’t even know what we’re living for? How can we ever be beautiful or strong if don’t have our own meanings of beauty and strength but instead rely on what a meme says we should expect and accept?

Faith, love, sexuality, goals, morals or just simply existence are a few important topics to consider and form an opinion toward. Whatever effects livelihood and ultimately contributes to personal definitions of success and happiness, deserve a second of reflection and analytic attention. The ways we behave and communicate with others tend to have negative outcomes when we don’t know, accept or love our own selves.

I have noticed so many meaningful things become meaningless, in just the duration of my lifetime. I’ve witnessed people become celebrities and victorious just from having a social media following or being known as a TV personality. I’ve also witnessed people’s lives ruined, including friendships, employment, and relationships from the same social media platforms.

Just like everything, there are pros and cons of media consumption but social media is just like a television. We must be able to turn it on and off and then go on to live our lives. If something important affects us, then we must act on it. But again, we have to comprehend why we’re acting, what the consequences will be and if we actually want to follow through with those actions. What do these things really mean to us?

Self-examination allows us to know ourselves so we don’t have to go on the internet to try and find a lifestyle to portray. The next time someone makes a statement that sounds ignorant or offends you, ask them how they came up with that opinion. If they’re not sure, suggest they reevaluate their beliefs and word choices. Following that, think about why you feel the way you feel and if you have even taken the time to confirm your beliefs. Conversations and deep thinking are what keeps the world alive. Change starts with you!

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