5 'Euphoria' Finale Questions And Theories
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5 Questions And Theories 'Euphoria' Fans Have After Season One's Insane Finale

"Hey mom! I'm a f*cking GENIUS!"

5 Questions And Theories 'Euphoria' Fans Have After Season One's Insane Finale
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The season one finale of the HBO show "Euphoria" aired this past Sunday, leaving fans absolutely shook and quite confused. We have SO many questions and theories about what actually happened and what may happen in season two, even though we probably have to wait at least a year for answers.

Social media has been blowing up with reactions to that ambiguous, artistic finale, and it was even trending on Twitter for the entire day after airing. Here are the top five questions/theories derived by fans floating around online:

1. First of all, IS RUE OKAY???

Sadly, after Jules left her at the train station, Rue went home and relapsed. But things got a bit confusing after that during the musical scene, which is up for the viewer's interpretation.

One theory I saw online was Rue died after relapsing, as there are numerous hints throughout the musical.

1. When Rue was walking through her house, the only person that could see her was her dead father. Not her mom and sister, who are very much alive.

2. Same thing goes for when Rue's mother was reading that letter at the AA meeting. We see Rue and her sister sitting in the room, but far apart from each other. Why is that? Maybe because Rue isn't actually there.

3. Also, if Rue wasn't actually there, then why was her mother reading that letter in the first place? Is it because Rue is dead and the meeting was for coping parents who lost their children to drug overdose?

4. When the paramedics took the dead body out of Rue's house on the gurney, the victim's face and body were completely covered by the white sheet. Whose body was it? The only answers that make sense are either Rue's or her father's.

2. Why did Jules leave and where did she go?

@ooceuphoria on Twitter

I know it was Rue's idea that they should run away together, but she blatantly expressed her doubts and anxiety about it to Jules at the train station with plenty of time to turn back. However, Jules failed to understand that Rue changed her mind and wanted to stay, but she left her there anyway. Why??? Where did she go? Why would she still go without Rue if she actually loved her?

3. What the hell is going on with Fez?

@ooceuphoria on Twitter

Okay, WHO was that man Fez robbed after the raid? And why did he still go through with it knowing the little boy was watching the whole time? I thought the guy he was going after was Nate.

Also, when Fez gave the money to the drug-lord and asked if they were square, he didn't give an answer. Well, IS EVERYTHING GOOD? Please tell me Fez is okay.

4. Nate's tantrum/mental breakdown scene?????

@ooceuphoria on Twitter


I don't even know what to say besides WOW. Jacob Elordi's acting was incredible during this scene. In an interview, he said that he got a concussion and was bleeding after filming the episode and he even threw up because of how intense and grueling it was. So when he was bashing his head on the floor and his father was fighting him, he got hurt for real.

Nate Jacobs is absolutely terrifying and psychotic, but I think the purpose of this scene was to humanize him.

5. Theory: Ethan is the creepy guy on Kat's screen


Call me skeptical, but hear me out:

Remember that creepy guy Kat was talking to online that did not show his face and spoke in a deep voice behind the black screen? Well, what if it was actually Ethan?

I just think it's weird that this scene was never talked about again or revisited this season after it happened, especially because it happened AFTER Kat practically ghosted Ethan.

Also, I think it may be too good to be true that there's another decent male character on this show other than Fez, and chances are something bad will happen between these two next season anyway.

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