Escape Rooms: The New Team-building Activity

Whether you are on a sport's team or a corporate team, it is extremely important to learn to rely on your peers. Team-building and being able to work together is an important part of being a team. For years there have been many different ways to bond as a team, like camping trips or high-ropes courses. Now that escape rooms are becoming the new craze, these can be used as a team-building activity also. Here are some benefits of escape rooms being the new team-building activity.

Help your team grow.

Being put in a room where you're forced to solve a problem will bring out the personalities of others. This will allow you to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses, you will learn who can handle certain tasks. For example, in a corporate setting, don't give someone the task of communicating with the customer when they are more beneficial at working on the technical portion of the problem.

Bond with your team.

Think about it, you're stuck in a tiny room with people on your team, there are only two options: love them or hate them by the time an hour is up. Being able to try to solve the same problem with people that you will be facing more problems with in the future is really beneficial in the bonding process.

Encourage creative thinking.

Escape rooms require one to think outside of the box. It requires one to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills that they may not use in their normal everyday routine. Working together as a team will encourage better communication skills outside of the escape room. The team will learn to cooperate as a whole, instead of as an individual. Influencing one with creative-thinking in that period of time will allow them to use creative-thinking in future problem-solving situations.

Improve the efficiency of the team.

A team-building adventure outside of a stressful office or off the basketball court can benefit the entire team. Being able to work together in a different environment can help the team communicate better when they get back in the work space. The team might find themselves working together better than before.

I suggest going online and looking for an Escape room near you! Escape rooms vary between trying to escape out of Sherlock Holmes office, or securing the White House before a missile strikes. Either one you choose, these rooms are inventive ways to get your brain working in ways its never worked before.

Have you ever experienced an Escape Room before?

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