15 Erratic Thoughts Of A Graduating Senior
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15 Erratic Thoughts Of A Graduating Senior

Ready or not, here it comes

15 Erratic Thoughts Of A Graduating Senior
The Huffington Post

Attention:Graduating Seniors

As the midpoint in the semester hits, so does the grim reality. It won't be long until the windup of your undergrad college career. Exciting, but terrifying. Relieving, yet stressful. It's entirely natural to be upset to move on and afraid of what may lie ahead. But you're not alone. You share the same erratic thoughts as the majority of graduating seniors, most of which begin like this:

How the f*** is it spring break already?!

Did I really just finish my last midterm ever?


But now it's my last spring break ever...

Adults don't get spring breaks.

I'm not ready to adult.

*Considers changing spring break destination from Cancun to Neverland*

*Gets wasted instead to temporarily make the pain of growing up go away*

If one more person asks me what my post graduation plan is...

No, I don't have one.

Yes, I know exactly how I'm decorating my graduation cap.

No, I still don't have a job lined up after graduation.

Please hire me. Someone...anyone?

But how am I moving back home after this?

Sorry mom and dad, but really?

Curfew?! What am I, fourteen?

*Puts years towards getting a college degree only to end up back in my childhood bedroom*

*Cringes at the increased odds of running into former high school classmates around town*

*Cringes harder at the thought of paying back loans*

But I don't even have a job yet...

If I fail one class can I postpone graduating?

Half kidding, half not.

Half ecstatic, half not ready to move past the "best four years of my life" stage.

Do it for the graduation money!

Do it for the insta!

Do it because you've come way too far to not flaunt that piece of paper you slaved years over earning. Now stop overthinking the inevitable and start making the most out of these final few months of college. I needn't explain how fast they'll go...

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