Displaying your opinion for society to see can be quite scary.


Everyone has such a strong opinion that you know one way or another you'll end up getting attacked by those from the opposing view. It is disheartening to see this when we are deemed to be such an "accepting" society. When in reality, we don't have the ability to accept each other's differences on hot topic discussions.

I recently wrote an article on why I believe kneeling for the flag is disrespectful. I knew this was a pressing issue and I knew my opinion was not the favored one. People have very strong opinions on this issue, including myself. I said why I think they are wrong, but it seems everyone thought I was trying to tell them they were wrong and my opinion was right. I said why I believe they are wrong, I never said they were wrong.

I will never tell someone their opinion is wrong.

If I did, mine would be just as wrong. No opinion is right or wrong, it is just what is right for you. What is right for you may not be right for everyone else. I respect all opinions. I understand some people feel that these recent protests are what will help further their beliefs and emphasize their message. Just because I disagree does not mean they’re wrong and I am right.

This just means we do not agree. I might believe you are wrong, but it does not mean you are.

Hence why I wrote the article. I want there to be debate around disputed topics, but not the debates I saw in the comment section of my article.

“You are a terrible writer.”
“You’re uneducated.”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”
*Insert multiple crude and inappropriate comments*

It was sad to see some of these negative responses. I want people to disagree with me, however, I do not want the forum to be one of insults and negativity. I want open debate. I want Americans to start listening to each side and, hopefully, finding the happy medium in the situation. Sometimes, a happy medium is not achievable, but I hope that we can have debates, appreciate the differences, and agree to disagree.

At the end of the day, we are all people. We have blood running through our veins and are breathing the same air. We have differences, but that is what makes us the same. We all believe in something and have ideas that we are passionate about. Why can’t we respect that? Why can’t we put our opinions out there in hopes that we might be able to unify our nation through needed debate and not separate it more through insults and close-mindedness?

Both sides of every political and social issue in this country need to stop thinking they’re always the right opinion. I posted my article because it is what I think is right, but I know that not everyone thinks the same. I posted the article hoping to inspire or change the viewpoints of those who disagree with me, but I appreciate the feedback for those who just do not agree.

It didn’t change my stance, but it enlightened me even more. I had a nice back and forth discussion with one woman in the comments section who clearly did not agree with me, but we could both agree that the way our society approaches our differences is wrong.

I wanted my stance to enrich a much-needed conversation that both sides are neglecting to have.

So, let’s stop accusing every side and labeling them as wrong because we don't agree with them. Liberals are not wrong. Conservatives are not wrong. Minorities are not wrong. You are not wrong and I am not wrong. We all believe in what we think is right, but maybe through our shared and different beliefs, we can start to solve what is right for our country together, not just fighting for what is right for ourselves.