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Nicolas Cage And 8 Random Celebrities As Your Enneagram Number

The freaky accurate personality test you need to take ASAP

Nicolas Cage And 8 Random Celebrities As Your Enneagram Number

I've never been a huge fan of personality tests because I don't think humans can be simplified down to a number (maybe that's just the 4 in me). But then I heard about the Enneagram. I took the test and got my results and felt neutral about the whole thing, but once I started reading more about it, I swear I was reading my inner thoughts and fears on a page. It gets down to the core of who you are and what motivations drive your decisions and thought processes and it also provides helpful feedback on growth and how to connect with others and their number. Now I'm an enneagram nerd who listens to their podcasts and asked for enneagram study books for Christmas. So let's learn about the enneagram and see what random celebrities share your number.

1. One - Hillary Clinton 


Number one is the perfectionist. This checks out for Clinton because only a perfectionist would have her act together enough to own a pant suit in literally every single color on the rainbow.

2. Two - Jesus 


Number two is the helper. I mean "the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."- Matthew 20:28. This sounds like a total two to me. But also Jesus was perfect and no number on the enneagram is perfect so yeah food for thought.

3. Three - Oprah Winfrey 


Number three is the achiever. Oprah Winfrey created an empire so if you ask me she has achieved quite a lot and should give herself a pat on the back, although a threes never feel permanently satisfied with their own achievement.

4. Four - Nicholas Cage  


Four is the individualist. They are moody af and not afraid to feel sad. Sometimes they even like it. Also they are highly creative and if you think of any tortured artist, they are likely a four. So naturally this is National Treasure Nicholas Cage.

5. Five - Albert Einstein 


Five is the Investigator. They are naturally people that like to be isolated and removed from others because they are constantly questioning themselves and others. But sometimes these thinkers are freakin brilliant and think up major laws of physics in their spare time, like our guy Einstein.

6. Six - Ellen DeGeneres 


Number six is the loyalist. They typically look like they have their sh*t together on the outside because they are very committed and security oriented (even though this can also lead them to feel anxious). TBH I was surprised Ellen wasn't a two, but also Ellen is VERY career oriented and she gets 60% profit of every episode she creates. That is a very impressive margin. YGG Ellen.

7. Seven - Britney Spears 


Number seven is the enthusiast. They are SUPER social and thrive in big group settings, which makes them the life of the party. Britney Spears was that person in the early 2000s and tbh she still is. Catch her in Vegas while you can!

8. Eight - Donald Trump 


Number eight is the challenger. These people tend to see themselves against the world and sometimes come off aggressive because of this dominating personality. Politics aside, Trump is a challenger. Simple.

9. Nine - Jennifer Anniston 


Number nine is the peacemaker. They are all about resolving conflict and making sure others are okay. They can be some of the most caring friends ever, but sometimes if they aren't careful they can lose themselves in the process of keeping the peace. I doubt Rachel from friends is a four, but Jennifer Anniston definitely is. Watch as she switches from role to role in each 90s and early 2000s rom com and you too will see a total nine.

Even if you haven't found out our number. Do it. Right now. Please.

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