5 Ways To Enjoy The Single Life On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the one day of the year hundreds upon thousands of people take a night, a moment, or a full day to appreciate their significant other. For all the single ladies and gentlemen out there, Valentine's Day is also an excuse to spoil yourself, and all of your wonderful closest friends. So set aside some time, and enjoy a day full of relaxation and self-love with yourself or your best friends!


This time of the year endless amounts of heart-shaped candies, cookies, and cakes are decorating every aisle of every grocery store. The best part about being single? You can buy and eat as many of those things as you want, curled up in bed with your favorite movie on. Bonus Points if you buy a whole bag of heart-shaped candies.

2. Palentine's Day

Galentines's Day, Palentine's Day, or however you want to say it, gives you a day you can get together with your closest friends and celebrate how much you love one another. It's a time to go crazy, make some fun memories, and just enjoy being around the people who make you happiest. For the gents, try a spa day, for the ladies, some video games and beer. No judgments on Palentine's Day.

3. Make a List

On a day focused on relationships, make a list for yourself about all the pieces and parts of your life you're most thankful for and couldn't have done without your own hard work and dedication. Appreciate those high grades, or the hard workout you did at the gym. Just appreciate yourself! You deserve it.

4. Say Your Why's

Today of all days is the day to remind yourself that a relationship doesn't define who you are. Whether you're single, or dating, you are still you. A beautiful individual who will find the right person when the time is right. If you're just coming out of a relationship, remind yourself that life works in mysterious ways, and although it may not seem OK now, it's all going to work out for the best. For now, focus on you, focus on loving yourself, and the rest will come.

5. Make A Date

Not with a significant other, maybe with your friends or your dog or cat! Make yourself a plan that will allow you to end the day feeling happy and loved. Even if that date is chocolate and your bed, no judgments here, only love.

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