All my English teachers,

Let me just say, you guys have made my life so much better. You have opened doors that I would have found closed without you. You have created outlets and extra credit just so that I would write more. I cannot be more thankful.

All my life English has been a huge portion of it. Starting in middle school I had family members, friends, and teachers tell me that, that was where my life was headed. English was going to be what I graduated college with. I was going to get a BA in English, and I was going to write. I was going to create worlds, on worlds, on worlds. I was going to create. I am still a creator.

But there is one thing that my teachers hold me to, they hold me to that writing. I cannot write research papers. When I write, my personality shines through. Every time I put pen to paper and I write because I want to write, it is funny, out-going, and just a little sassy (if I say so myself). Research papers… I cannot do that with. It is easier to write as if I am talking, otherwise I lose my sound. I lose the umph that all my other writing have. I sound very monotone and boring, there is no life. You can set me in front of a laptop/computer/piece of paper and I can write. It might not be amazing at first but it grows and becomes this delicious piece of work. I write fiction. I cannot write a research paper.

I can write personal stories, something that is held to me. Something is raw and gives you a doorway into who I am, why I am this way, and what has happened to me. I am not judged because of this, but I am held to a standard. My first ever college paper was a paper about my sister and my at-the-moment boyfriend (now ex). I shared it with everyone I knew. It is a part of me, a chunk of my life that lets you see what is underneath this hilarious exterior. So you cannot hold me to this level where that paper is. It is different material.

You can grade me the way you want. I can edit papers, no problem. But please, grade me like you grade everyone else. Do not grade me the same way you would criticize a professional research writer. I am not on that level.

I am not mad at you for doing so, I just hate knowing that is how I’m graded. I love you and I try for your class. But please, understand where I am coming from.


The Future Writer You Once Had in Class