Just in case anyone needed some extra motivation

Ending The Semester Strong.

Just in case anyone needed some extra motivation :-)


School should NOT be a thing after spring break. Especially since spring break was so late this year, it makes coming back to back to the grind even harder. You put all of your energy towards the first half of the semester and now you're just flat out exhausted. Done. Tapped out. Trust me, I know the feeling.

We are so close, yet so far away from the end. Only 4 more weeks of school left. But it seems like forever.

Keep going.

You got this.

Think about the summer breeze you're about to encounter. Rolling the windows down on a hot summer day, blasting that music and singing at the top of your lungs. Picture that.

Picture laying out on the hot sand after a long day of doing nothing. Picture yourself tan and happy.

Sitting in the shade with soft music playing in the background.

Taking a cold shower after a long day in the sun.

Now bring yourself back to reality.

None of this would be possible if you didn't push through these next four weeks.

Go to the library and study as you've never studied before. Go ace that test you've been preparing for weeks. Pack up your dorm because summer is almost here, and you got this.

You can do anything you set your mind tom and you're almost there. You're so close. You got this. The end is near. We can feel it.

Show your finals who's boss. Study study study, and don't forget to stop by your professor's office hours before the class is officially over. Squeeze that extra review session in, even if you don't think you need it. Ask questions, and remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question.

You won't be able to have your days in the sun if you don't finish with a bang!

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