Elle Woods: The Perfect Summation Of Being A Transfer Student
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Student Life

Elle Woods: The Perfect Summation Of Being A Transfer Student

But no, you can't "bend and snap" your way out of real life situations

Elle Woods: The Perfect Summation Of Being A Transfer Student

Oh my god you guys! I made it through my first week as a junior transfer student! While it certainly was off to a rough start, I'm already settling into my new home...but not without hitting a few bumps in the road already. However as I sat here with a severe case of writers block trying to figure out what to write about this week, I realized something. Elle Woods in Legally Blonde really freaking nailed what it feels like to be the new kid on campus. Let me explain.

1. She went on the search for her dreams no matter what it was going to take

Even though Elle's dream at the beginning of the movie/musical was to become Warner's wife, she still set off full steam ahead in hopes of achieving it. I came here expecting to become immediately involved in the theater department. What Elle discovered was Warner was engaged to Vivienne and what I discovered is the theater program is a little more intense than what I expected. Both situations complicate the end goal but just like Elle didn't, I won't give up!

2. Plans change quickly

Closely tied to the bullet point above, just because original plans didn't work out doesn't mean you lay down and surrender...trust me I considered it around Tuesday/Wednesday of this week. Just like Elle, when you're a transfer and your original plan doesn't work out, you improvise. Elle decided to go get that coveted internship and I am choosing to pursue Arts Management and possibly switch my minor to creative writing. Just because things don't go the way you imagined, doesn't mean they can't still turn out great.

3. You go from knowing everyone to knowing no one real quick

This was probably the roughest part of the transition for me. Remember the part in Legally Blonde when Elle calls Serena and Margot sobbing about Warner being engaged? Well, this was me but instead of sobbing over my boyfriend being engaged to an "evil preppy" (lol what boyfriend), I called my friends sobbing about how I missed them. I missed them, I missed knowing everyone on campus and I was having none of it. I was ready to pack up and leave, but just like Elle's friends convinced her to stay, so did mine (and of course my mom played a huge role in that as well).

4. You're forced to explain to everyone your whole backstory on how you got there

Elle was perky to explain how she graduated from UCLA with a degree in fashion merchandising, and president of her sorority. As you could tell, not everyone at Harvard's favorite or common backstory. I wasn't aware until I got on campus that my old school is my new school's biggest rival. Once I got used to the response to where I transferred from (not words I can type into an article if you get my drift...) it was easy to make them laugh with me, instead of boo me. For example, "I transferred from John Carroll, I KNOW! it's your biggest rival, but be nice to me. I'm here now"

5. You have to adapt to the jive of campus

Elle rolled up with everything pink, Bruiser, and sparkly bikinis to sun bathe in on the quad. Why wouldn't she? She was used to college in LA. Even though my new school is only 33 minutes away from my old one, I wasn't expecting it to be so different. So far it's definitely changes for the better but every time I learn a social norm of campus that isn't like Carroll, I go "OMG what!! No way!! At Carroll..." fill in the blank and insert equally surprised reaction from person I'm talking to.

6. Your professors are confused by you

Elle really through off her professors by showing up with pink glitter notebooks, fluffy pens, and neglecting to do the reading for that day. I really felt like I through my professors through a loop by transferring in as a junior and switching my major. Sorry proffs, but this is what I have been wanting to do all along. I also promise the assumptions of Carroll are not all true.

7. New friends come when you least expect it

Elle was all alone when she first came to Harvard but before she knew it she made friends in the most unlikely form. Vivienne, her arch enemy at the beginning of the movie. I never had an arch enemy coming into campus and I hope never to have one. I did, however, find friendship with people that I never thought I would. Granted this is only one week into school but so far I cannot complain about any of the people here. Luckily for me, I haven't encountered any Vivienne's or Warner's.

8. It's OK to still show pride for your old school

Elle was a proud Delta Nu, UCLA graduate and SigEp sweetheart. While it was a little different in her case because she didn't transfer out for my same reasons, she still wasn't afraid to show her pride. Even though I decided that Carroll wasn't a fit for me and that I needed to leave, doesn't mean I can't embrace that it helped me to realize where I needed to be. Even though I am now a proud Yellow Jacket, I'll still always be a little part Blue Streak and Kappa Delta (early alum). The last two years helped me grow up and realize what I want in life. As much as I thought I would want to forget that part of my life, I can't because without it, I wouldn't be the same.

While I certainly envy Elle for being able to take her dog along to college, I have to say overall her transition was a little more rough than mine was. While I'm still adjusting and learning more and more everyday, I just wanted to let my readers know how it's going. Let the adventures continue!

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