ELEVEN 'Stranger Things 2' Theories
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ELEVEN 'Stranger Things 2' Theories

Season 2 premieres Halloween, 2017.

ELEVEN 'Stranger Things 2' Theories

First please do not read if you haven't finished season one of "Stranger Things" yet. And second, if you haven't finished season one wryd???

So if you were watching the super bowl a couple of weeks back, you might've noticed the Stranger Things season 2 premiere commercial. And you probably have been counting down the days to Halloween since. If you missed it, check out the promo here:

Since the debut, a lot of crazy fan theories have emerged. Here are ELEVEN of the best ones:

1. Eleven is the demogorgon

This one just makes too much sense. In chapter one, when the boys are playing in the basement, we see that the demogorgon has two heads, coincidence? And to go even further, in the earlier episodes of Stranger Things, Eleven called herself the monster. Read more about this theory here: http://www.dorkly.com/post/80199/this-stranger-thi...

2. Will Byers is becoming the demogorgon

Or at least some type of monster. At the end of season one, we see Will cough up some odd slimy stuff that could only come from the upside down, which is where he spent most of season one living in. His calm and nonchalant exterior after this odd scene makes it seem like Will isn't necessarily afraid or has already accepted his fate as he is beginning to change.

3. Eleven is Hopper's daughter

We learn very early that Hopper lost his daughter after Will's mother, Joyce, reveals in a panic when searching for her missing child. When Eleven pops up early on, many put two and two together and believed that Eleven was Hopper's daughter especially after we know that Hawkins has covered up deaths before. Some theories suggest that Eleven isn't necessarily Hopper's daughter but perhaps knew his daughter and the truth about her disappearance. Which brings me to the next theory:

4. There are more like Eleven

The fact that Eleven is marked must mean there were more before her. Why not call her 'one' if not? Theories go back and forth arguing whether if these "others" like her are still alive and still in the hands of Dr. Brenner. If there are more like Eleven, it would make so much sense if Hopper's daughter was a part of this Hawkins Experiment and Eleven knew her. Read more here: https://www.bustle.com/articles/177983-the-strange...

5. Hopper is now working for the government

Hopper makes a deal with the bad guys in the Hawkins lab to sweep some things under the rug in exchange for Will. Some fans think he may of actually sold his soul and turned to the dark side. Others (and myself) believe he's going undercover working for the bad guy to get more information about the experiments going on in Dr. Brenner's lab and potentially find clues about his daughter's truth.

6. Eleven opens the upside down portal, bringing the demogordon to our world

This would mean Eleven isn't the demogordon but she is the one who brought the monster here, which could also be why she refers to herself as the monster, for exposing the world to this upside down creature by opening the portal.

7. Hopper & Joyce have (or had) something going on together

There is a noticeable chemistry about these two. Joyce knew about his past with his daughter and even one of Hopper's officers noticed the energy and asked if they had slept together in the past. Possible season 2 relationship? Let's hope so.

8. Jonathon & Nancy get together

Another possible season 2 relationship. I know it seems that Steve and Nancy are finally somewhat secure but I have a hunch that that could easily change mostly because of the next theory...

9. "There will be justice for Barb"

Hopper said it himself. Maybe barb isn't dead. Maybe she is. Either way, someone has to pay and I'm thinking that someone just might be Steve.

10. Eleven's mom was poisoned

If you can remember, Joyce and Hopper visit Eleven's possible mother, Terry Ives. But when they get to her home, Terry's "sister" informs them that they are "five years too late" because Terry is unresponsive and a "living vegetable". This theory suggests that Terry's "sister" isn't really her sister but instead working Dr. Brenner's experiment team. Read more about this theory here: https://moviepilot.com/p/stranger-things-theory-ab...

11. There will be more portals to the upside down opened

Where is Eleven? Hopper leaves her waffles in the woods so we assume she's still alive and hiding. But what if she is hiding in the upside down? And the only way to get out is by opening new portals?...

Click the link below to see the countdown until Halloween & Stranger Things 2 premiere.


Until then, enjoy this video of the Stranger Things kids seeing the season 2 trailer premiere during the super bowl and remember Stranger Things season 1 is still available on Netflix. #BingeWorthy

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