To My Best Friend From Third Grade To Senior Year of College

It's basically become a party trick to say I met one of my best friends in the third grade. Not only that, but we have the same name. Did I mention we went on to go to the same college?

That's right, one of my first friends in Ohio is someone I've stayed connected with all the way from third grade cheerleading to senior year of college. We've been friends, our dads have coached together, our brothers played football together, and our families are friends. It cool to think just how long we've stuck together.

We've taken different paths at points in our lives. In high school, you kept cheering while I turned to cross country and wrestling stats. In college, you rushed while I found all my student organizations. But no matter how far it looks like we've gone away from each other we're always there when it counts.

We have two very crazy schedules, but we always find time to see each other. There are trips for tacos, movies, and even an almost seven hour excursion to go hiking one day.

The great part about having a friend for this long is that you never have to give background on anything. You know where I came from and the same goes for me. Of course we have our differences, but who doesn't? I accept you and all your Disney love and you accept me even though I've maybe seen a fourth of the Disney movies made.

Whenever we're together it just works. I am so grateful for this friendship we've kept for these thirteen years and I'll be excited to celebrate thirteen more. I don't know where we'll both be next year, but I can tell you even if we're not at the same school you'll still be my first best friend.

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