eLearning System Growth in 2025 at India ​
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eLearning System Growth in 2025 at India ​

The future of learning with modern day education system


The traditional learning method begins from the earlier of times in which it is classified as Gurukul education where the students have to go the teachers place and stay with the teacher to acquire knowledge.

Even Kings send their younger prince to Gurukul education method to learn all the necessary education to become a trustworthy king. Time evolves during the time of the British invasion the Gurukul education method slowly faded.

The modern school education system started in the 18th century the schooling method which is in practice was introduced by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay. The basic language is English and the subject’s maths and science were added on with the syllabus.

In latest education methods the pandemic plays a major role which developed a specific method of eLearning even for school students which is done by live online classrooms. Previously the eLearning is done for the courses which is career oriented but now the school students are also undergoing eLearning by live or recorded method of classroom training.

Why eLearning is in Demand?

Due to the pandemic most of the parents and schools think the safest way of education is eLearning where there will be contact less education and you can have flexible way of studying the visual way of communication is more effective and the parents can monitor the kid’s activities from home itself the performance can be evaluated by the self-screening method.

Advantages Of eLearning

  • Flexibility
  • Time saving
  • Individual Attention
  • Online Activity Expertise
  • Focusing skills improvement
  • Instant Doubt Clarification
  • More innovative ways in Education
  • Clear Explanation of Subject using Graphical Interface

Above mentioned were some advantages of eLearning method. The eLearning becomes interesting because of these facts and the students will have home like feeling and this makes their study environment comfortable.

How eLearning is Done?

There are various apps in the market which helps eLearning easy the more we are ready the classes will become handy even your smartphone will become your classroom. Google classroom is the best online classroom app which is used by most of the educational institutions. There are other dedicated schooling apps for home schooling also they use it for the tuition purpose but nowadays it becomes the classroom on regular basis Ex: Byju’s, Vedantu which conducts recorded session of classes and live sessions also.

The above mentioned were mainly meant for the school education there are also apps for career-based development Ex: Udemy, Lynda and UNA academy, websites such as plural sight gives clean and flexible method of career development courses in various fields of arts and science and also systech provide digital marketing course in trichy. Some of the institutions and individuals use YouTube as a medium of online education. Since You Tube is costless and easily accessible by the smartphone browser itself.

Growth Of eLearning

The growth of eLearning can be classified with two measures mainly one is the growth of the internet technology, pre and post pandemic sessions in pre pandemic session most of the institutions preferred personal interaction of the classes but once pandemic begins all the institutions concentrated on eLearning sessions which made it inevitable in the future. In year 2018 the eLearning sessions and performance with the number of the students is just 19 % of the total volume of 5 million undergraduate students.

According to statistics in the year 2020 80% of schools have purchased the online apps for specific sessions of classrooms and 90% of universities is interested in conducting online classes the pandemic is the main reason for this but hence the advantages of the eLearning is extensive comparatively the continuous process of education in the pandemic situation is possibly done with the help of eLearning alone, By the year of 2025 more than 98% of educational institutions will switch to eLearning methods. Which will be an added advantage in the development of eLearning apps development companies. The seamless network and the growth of the mobile networks is necessarily responsible for the growth ratio of eLearning.

What are the Essential Factors to make eLearning easy?

  • The seamless connectivity of Internet
  • Secured app
  • Rural market development
  • Educate about eLearning merits
  • Easily accessible
  • Make it cost Effective

The essential features above are just an introduction we should have to carry a unique way of digital marketing techniques to reach every device that connects to the internet by making this we can reach the greater number of students and professionals and by the year 2025 it will be more possible to reach the above-mentioned target easily.


Each method of education has its own advantages and disadvantages but eLearning is the only method which helped the continuity of studies during the pandemic times and the student’s education went on with the help of eLearning method. Hence eLearning seems to be inevitable in the future and we have to make preparations to face the reality. In future there may be virtual reality class rooms which will be the state of art in eLearning methods.

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