"Eighth Grade" Is The Cringiest, Most Relatable Movie If You've Ever Been In Middle School
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"Eighth Grade" is the Cringiest, Most relatable movie if you've ever been in middle School

No one is immune to the awkwardness of being thirteen.


So last night, I went and saw the movie "Eighth Grade" that premieres this weekend (August 3!) and I still have not recovered. Without spoiling a very vague but meaningful plot-line, basically, this movie is about the true life of an eighth-grade girl, Kayla, not like the ones on TV or in movies. It is filled with angsty back talking, cell-phone obsessed, self-critical, GenZ teens. Although the movie is rated R and nearly every actual eighth-grader won't be watching this anytime soon, literally, everyone was once thirteen and can relate, especially for those with current middle school aged relatives.

First, you could not pay me $1 million to go back to middle school. I'm partially convinced this movie is a near replica of my days as a thirteen-year-old girl, and it took me a little too far back, forcing me to remember all of my most embarrassing moments. From peeing my pants in the seventh-grade band for being too scared of my band teacher to crying almost every day in ninth grade (yes, still middle school in my hometown), it's safe to say I'm still not over it and I'm sorry if you knew the thirteen-year-old me... This movie made me cringe because I knew what she was about to do, but you were rooting that she'd not make it awkward. I was wrong every time I thought she'd pull through.

While this movie points out the horrors of middle-school boys and girls asking permission to be seen, it is someone empowering. When you are the thirteen-year-old girl that is living the eighth-grade nightmare every day, you don't realize change over time. I can proudly say that I survived that time in my life, and so did everyone watching the movie with me in the theater that night (except for the trolly dad who brought his middle schooler son - yikes for him when they talk about blow-jobs).

This movie is a sign that, yes, it does get better, and as you grow up your priorities change. I think every single person related to the awkwardness of this movie, and the message to be kind to everyone. You have no idea what goes through someone's mind before they speak or what they do.

I thought this movie was going to be a dud or "Little Miss Sunshine" wannabe, but I was pleasantly surprised by the authentic performance by Elsie Fisher. I love how this movie exaggerated that she was just average. The average in every person is what we all think about ourselves, and not the uniqueness that other people see around us.

Lastly, make sure to knock really loudly before entering a room where a young teen might be... they frighten easily.

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