Eight Girls You'll Play With On A Sports Team
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I have always been a big sports fan, especially women's sports. I've been watching the Women's World Cup and their post-win celebrations and it's made me think back on all the past teams I've been on (there has been a lot). In my fourteen-year softball career, each team I played for brought something new to the table. However, there are always similar personality types that make a Woman's sports team a Woman's sports team. Here are eight of the most common types of players on a team.

The team mom

This player always has snacks, water, an extra par of sock or whatever you need for the game. She's usually an older player, but could also be the youngest on the team. During games, this player is always cheering everyone on, giving high-fives and pats on the back. If she's an older player she most likely has a posse of younger players following her around. Overall, she is one of the best people to be around during games and practice because of her gigantic heart.

The captain

This player takes the game seriously, which is great--at times. She isn't always the actual captain, this player is the one who is not afraid to call you out for messing up. She gives the best pre and post-game speeches. The coach is probably obsessed with her and she gets all the playing time. Everyone is afraid of her on the field but she's usually the funniest person off the field.

The dork

This player is the the complete opposite of the captain. She usual doesn't take herself or the game seriously. She is the player who eats flowers in the outfield or sits upside down on the sidelines. The dork brings a fun component to the team, especially during intense games. Everybody loves this player, sometimes even the other team.

The party animal

This player is the one who comes to practice hungover on Tuesday. She is out living her life and everyone (except the coach) supports it. Her stories are just as out of this world as she is. When she starts to tell stories, people stop and listen. Sometimes, there'll be two party animals on a team and they'll be good friends. I, personally, think this is the most fun because it means double the stories.

The drama queen

Of course, every team has one or more players who like to start or be apart of drama. In my experience, the drama queens are the players who think they are the best on the team but no one else agrees, including the coach. These players have no problem talking about other players behind their backs and, at times, it can be exhausting trying to deal with them.

The one that's always confused

This is my personal favorite type of player to be around. She is usually younger and still trying to figure out her life. This player is the one who asks which color uniform we're wearing before every game and asks clarification from the coach before every drill during practice. Sometimes, older players get annoyed by her constant questioning but in the also find it endearing.

The baby

The baby is almost always a younger player. If you're playing for a high school team, she's usually a freshman. These players are similar to the ones who are always confused, but they're usual quiet, at first. She'll be overwhelmed at first, staying quiet during team outings but around half-way through the year she'll start to open up. Once she opens up she could become any of the previous players I've described and it's always fun to watch how her personality develops.

The best friends

These are usually two to four players who have become inseparable during their time playing together. They've usually played on multiple teams together since they were young and have become like a unit. I've had my fair share of team best friends throughout my softball career and it's always heartbreaking when they move to a different team or graduate. They're your ride or dies even after you're finished playing, something I've always been overjoyed to have.

Being able to play with so many amazing people for so much of my life has impacted almost everything I do. Of course, not everyone I've played with fits into these categories, but it's still fun to stereotype.

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