Ah, Valentine's Day, just one of the ~wonderful~ holidays invented by capitalism.

Of course, that isn't the only reason I despise February 14th. Ever since I was a little kid, I always thought that people should be loved and appreciated everyday and not just have one particular day.

There is so much stress that goes into Valentine's Day for those in relationships and even at times, the celebrations could get ruined if things don't go as planned.

Take me for example.

My first boyfriend from middle school DUMPED me on Valentine's Day just because things didn't go as planned and he realized that he and I were better off as friends.

The past two Valentine's Days, I had a boyfriend to celebrate the holiday with and he knew how much I did not like this date. For both of the Valentine's Days we spent together, he would send me flowers regardless of how I felt about this day and honestly it was probably to make up for being a real crappy boyfriend/human being but little did I know at that time that he would send them to mask his constant infidelity. I would never keep them just because of my hatred for V-Day but also because I couldn't accept his fake love.

I'm spending this Valentine's Day being single and I'm really happy about it.

Why, you may ask?

Because I don't care to have anyone JUST to celebrate this ridiculous holiday that tells you that you need to get your significant other gifts to show them you love them ONLY ON THIS DAY. You shouldn't have a holiday dictate you on how and when to love your partner.

I might have had the worst experiences when it comes to celebrating the holiday but even if I was in a serious relationship, I wouldn't want my significant other worrying on getting me a gift or taking me out on a date to a fancy place to show that they love me and that they only have this one day to show me that love and vice versa.

Show the person you love that you love them every day even doing the littlest things to make their day. On Valentine's Day, you don't need to buy anyone their love and you don't need to boast on social media to prove to others that you love your partner. You can choose to do so but remember there are 364 other days in which you can do it.