What Does Eco-Dating Look like?

What Does Eco-Dating Look like?

A Date in the Life of an Environmentalist


So I've heard that there is a misconception about what environmentally conscious people do for fun and dates. Maybe you think it looks like the gif above, but it doesn't. While being concision of how our decisions effect the world and or environment we still have fun just like the next average Joe. Though I encourage Joe to minimize his harmful effects too! This article is a peek into the thoughts an environmentalist or sustainable person's mind when planning a date . They may not think about all of things things every time (I certainly don't), but it's a good overview.

What we wear!

So instead of buying expensive new clothes that leave you confused by the price and your feelings hurt, an alternative to consider is the Thrift Store. This means no new strain was added to the earth , because it has already been made, used and purchased. It is good for your wallet and most thrift stores give back to the community in some way too! If you are interested in being more conscious there are brands that make clothes out of recycled material!

What we bring!

Beyonce may have hot sauce in her bag but what's in the bag of an environmentalist? Hopefully lotions and lip balms that are made from natural materials and not tested on animals! A brand that exemplifies this and that I personally use is Perfectly Posh! Environmentalist may also steer clear of gum because of all the wrapping that is involved. Think about it. A container for the gum and each piece is individually wrapped. why so much packaging? Someone could buy one container with mints that is recyclable and call it a day!

What we do!

So now the time for the date has come! There are so many types of date that range from cheap to expensive, but a good place to start are info-graphics on Pinterest about "no-spend weekend dates" or "low budget dates." These dates tend to focus more on the opportunity for person to person interaction and experience rather than the newest hottest thing on the market that provides distraction. It can also be daunting going to the mall or outlet plaza because you feel compelled to spend or pick up things you don't need. Some examples of dates I've tried are : having a picnic, stargazing, going to a museum, going to the library and finding funny titles or books to describe the other person, or going to a downtown festival/event.

& if we want do a little more ;)

I want to preface this by saying that not all dates need to end up here, but for those who want to have a little more interaction after the date there are environmentally friendly things to consider here as well. There are eco-friendly condoms, lingerie made from recycled materials, eco-friendly lube and even vegan whips if you're into that. I could go on but whatever you're into there is most likely an environmentally conscious way to do it!

After reading this I hope you have the image of a person hugging a tree out of your head and have even picked up a few tips and tricks for eco-friendly dating! Happy Dating!

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