The Ebbs and Flows of Spring Semester as Told by SNL

The Ebbs and Flows of Spring Semester as Told by SNL

Because sometimes our lives feel like one big comedy skit.


Spring semester, like any other semester, can really take a lot out of you. I love school, but towards the middle of the semester I start to get a gnawing feeling in my stomach that's telling me to run. I always push through it because I have to. Well, not only do I have to in order to get the degree I want, but because I want to. It gets extremely stressful, like all things can, but like I've said in the past, school is worth it. In the end, we'll have everything figured out and we'll look back on this and tell ourselves, "I'm glad I pulled through".

1. In the beginning of Spring semester.

2. Getting your first assignment done on time.

3. Finding out you have a group project.

4. Learning that you can't have your friend in your group for said project.

5. Waking up for the early classes in the beginning of the semester.

6. When you finally reach a weekend and you don't have homework.

7. Realizing midterms are coming up.

8. Spring Break!

9. Realizing how many essays are due that you procrastinated on over break.

10. Waking up early for classes in the middle of the semester.

11. Trying to find time to relax.

12. Pretending like everything is going to be fine even though you have a ton of work due in the next five weeks.

13. Studying for finals.

14. Still trying to wake up for those early classes.

15. The feeling you get when you finally finish all your finals and you're done.

With Spring Semester almost over, I'm glad I can say I pushed through it because I finally get to get my AA! If any of you are graduating this semester, congratulations, you did it, and enjoy your break before you have to go back to university. In the end, it's all worth it.

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