Easy, Unique Ways To Work Out This Summer
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Health and Wellness

Easy, Unique Ways To Work Out This Summer

A definitively unique summer work-out plan!

Easy, Unique Ways To Work Out This Summer

Want to change your summer work out a little? Or looking for a little diversity in your exercise programs? Well here is a simple sure fire work out to blow those summer calories away.

Warm Up/Cool Down Stretches

Reaching for the highest spot in the pantry where the potato chips lay. It stretches your calves, sides, and your arms. Reward yourself with those chips you were aiming for.


By wrestling your sibling for the T.V. remote.

Reps: Throughout the day/night. (Good luck.)

Laughing with your friends

Reps: Always.


Run after the ice cream truck as it drives down the road pointedly ignoring you and mocking you with it's song.

Reps: Once. And after getting them to stop and order your triple chocolate ice cream cone, lie on the cold hard ground and cry.

Play tag with the neighborhood kids. (What? You don't have to be a kid to play and it will make those kids love you and possibly worship you. Then one day you will find you will have the minions you need to help you take over the world.)

Reps: However many times it takes to get the kids to trust you.

Classic, good-ole squirt gun fight.

Reps: Until there is a winner.

Weights (Muscle Endurance)

There are many things you can do for this; carrying logs to help fuel your bass jumping campfire party, lifting your forks and spoons as you eat one of your many meals (on the easier level), helping your friend move their heavy-arse moving boxes, and so many more options.

Reps: Whenever you get the chance and for as long as you want.


Practice perfectly balancing two ice cream cones in each hand.

Reps: Once. (Side note: do you really need all of those? Not trying to tell you how to live your life or anything...)

Getting up really quick from sitting/laying on the coach. You are almost always off balance after doing this.

Reps: Not too often.


Finish with this by taking a nap. That's like yoga sleeping's cousin, because honestly you've done enough workout for a day.

I hope these unique workout ideas will help inspire you to get some probably much needed exercise this summer. Or maybe you can look at these workout plans and tell your friends who "always work out every morning" that you too work out.

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