6 Easy Recipes To Bring Home For Thanksgiving
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6 Easy Recipes To Bring Home For Thanksgiving

Most parents don't expect their college child to contribute to the Thanksgiving meal. Impress your friends and family this Thanksgiving with these easy and delicious recipes.

6 Easy Recipes To Bring Home For Thanksgiving

If this is your first Thanksgiving dish, make your family one of these recipes this Thanksgiving!

Angel Food Cranberry Cake

For one of the easiest, no-bake desserts this Thanksgiving try this recipe. With only nine ingredients and essentially the only action being stirring, the prep time is a short 30 minutes, followed by overnight refrigeration. This is a delicious, last-minute recipe that is sure to stand out at Thanksgiving dinner.

Apple Pecan Salad with Maple Dressing

Staying healthy over Thanksgiving break is not an easy task. This salad recipe is a tasty way to stay on track. The salad is a quick fix and can be stored easily. The maple vinaigrette is made by shaking the ingredients together and should be stored separately. This recipe can be changed to your preferences by removing the cranberries, onions, and/or bacon. Opting out of adding bacon cuts half the time of salad prep and I personally think it tastes better meat-free.

Turkey Mac N' Cheese

Thanksgiving turkey just got a whole lot better. This Mac N' Cheese bake is almost easier than Kraft Mac and Cheese. All it takes is stirring 7 ingredients together and baking for an hour. Because of the time consumption, this is the perfect dish to make while studying for a test or finishing an assignment before leaving campus. Plus, nothing is better than smelling a Thanksgiving meal being cooked; a rare college pleasure.

Stuffed Brussel Sprouts

Stuffing automatically seems to make anything better, brussel sprouts being no exception. This bite-size recipe makes brussel sprouts, a generally unliked vegetable, an irresistible snack full of flavor. Being mess free, it is the perfect appetizer for big family gatherings.

Cheddar Garlic Mashed Potatoes 

You may not need much cooking skill for this recipe, but you sure do need a strong arm. This minimal ingredient recipe is an easy last-minute side dish. This dish delivers the traditional Thanksgiving potatoe side, with a twist of cheese and garlic to add an exciting flavor.

Pumpkin and Bacon Dip 

Dip isn't reserved for football tailgates this fall. This simple recipe takes less time to make than it does to eat. This unique dip is sure to be unique from anything else being prepared and will be popular with adventurous eaters. Pair it with crackers or warm bread for a traditional taste, or pair it with cinnamon toast for a fall burst in your mouth.

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