Fluffy and Soft Pumpkin Muffins That You Need To Try This Fall
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Fluffy and Soft Pumpkin Muffins That You Need To Try This Fall

They're easy, cheap and only 2-4 ingredients!

Fluffy and Soft Pumpkin Muffins That You Need To Try This Fall

I got this recipe from my cousin Jessie several Thanksgivings ago! They're easy to make and delicious! They are so light, fluffy, and actually healthy! They are egg and dairy free, so perfect for people watching their calories. These are great for a grab-and-go breakfast paired with a banana or apples and cinnamon. I tried them with the new Spiced Pumpkin Pecan Blue Bell Ice Cream flavor.


One box of Duncan Hines Spice Cake Mix

One can of pumpkin puree


3 Tbs Vanilla extract

Mccormick Pumpkin Pie Spice

Chocolate chips

Yields: ~2 dozen with ~ 1-2 Tbs dough per muffin lining

The dough has no raw eggs and tastes soooo good, so lick the spoon! The muffins expand more than they seem like they would while baking, so don't put too much in one muffin liner unless you want very large muffins!


Combine the spice cake mix and canned pumpkin thoroughly. Add vanilla extract, chocolate chips, and pumpkin pie spice as wanted. Distribute approx. 1-2 tbs. into each muffin tin and sprinkle pumpkin pie spice on top. Bake 15-20 min at 350 degrees F, or until doughy!


The spice cake can be substituted with another type of cake (carrot, vanilla, etc.), but the spice cake has the best flavor! I always add lots of pumpkin pie spice in the dough, and I sprinkle the tops of the muffins before baking. You can replace the pumpkin pie spice with cinnamon, but the pie spice has other things like nutmeg in it.

Chocolate chips are optional, but I like the Ghiradelli 60% baking chips! They are thick and perfectly bittersweet! These muffins aren't too sweet so adding chocolate chips can add to the sweetness if that's what you like!

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